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  1. I've looked through "The Highway Code" extensively, particularly: As well as the DFT documentation on traffic signs, and haven't found a satisfactory answer to this question: Where a seconday road joins a main road and is marked with a "give way" sign or an inverted triangle and two dotted lines, what are the appropriate actions to take for motorists regarding pedestrians, and for pedestrians regarding motorists? There is a post on this question here: However, I find this doesn't satisfactorially answer the question, and some of the links don't work. Also, I'd appreciate a response from a verified officer or clear evidence of official DFT position on this. Living in London, I frequently see motorists, taxicabs in particular, pull up to these intersections as quickly as possible (often going past the dotted lines), specifically to avoid having to wait for pedestrians to walk in front of them. Should motorists give way to pedestrians on the pavement parallel to the main road who are crossing the secondary road? Thanks!