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  1. have you had a look on the FED website it give you the latest updates of the ongoing debate about pay, increments etc where we are what;s agreed whats still under discussion etc
  2. Jacko your force started to issue 5 digit numbers a few years ago for a number of reason decided not to reissue old numbers (wont go into some reason here) the 5 digit were to be prefixed to identify regulars. specials, PCSOs and other civilian staff, and it will take years to use up all permutations so no need for future change
  3. OK its been along day and im getting on a bit but have i missed something over the last few years, possession of a controlled substance lets say cannabis is illegal, so we move on from catch proper criminals to if we stop search some one who is in possession of illegal drugs and deal accordingly we are driving them into committing proper crime !! there was me thinking its was the person breaking the law who had themselves to blame, still learn something new everyday The issue over stop search is the same as always officers not using/ understanding their powers and media hype, I work in a area that has a high ethnic diversity the minority group are white British we also have a very high robbery, drug and burglary issue due to the make of the community my stop searches tend to be mainly black, Asian or Eastern European males because based on local knowledge force intelligence those are the groups committing one or more of those crimes, i know that a couple of miles away on another division they have same crimes committed by mainly white British offenders so they are targeted. why are arrest ratios so low because once these people see a marked up patrol car or a officer in a bright yellow jacket if they cant disappear anything incriminating is chucked away. we may not get an arrest but we might just have stopped someone committing offences that night, to much media political hype not enough understanding.
  4. Come on folks we all have our own views for and and against keep it civil and on topic before this descends into another topic lost through petty bickering
  5. HPDS and the proposal to bring direct entrant Superintendents for example are two different arguments, officers who go onto HPDS are given the opportunity to advance through the ranks, the rest of us have to go through the farce of applying for roles/ vacancies and hope we get on. neither system is perfect to many promotions or moves to 'specialist' roles still have nothing to do with ability but who you know. i think with HPDS if a candidate is confirmed in post they have done their 2 years if the show potential to progress the give them the opportunity but ensure the program is robust enough and consistent so that those that fall short are taken off and join the rat race. direct entrant senior officers is another matter altogether what policing skills are really required by senior officers, again recruit the individuals with required skill sets have then serve as inspectors or Sgt even for a probationary period then move them on, might no be workable but the point im trying to make is at present the police service in this country is not fit for purpose it only works because those within make it work so any suggestions for change need to looked at in terms of moving forward not what we've done for the past 100 years
  6. Lets keep it civil and on topic, if there something constructive to say either side of the argument fine nothing wrong with healthy discussion but we dont need to start petty insults or bickering
  7. Never really understood the apparent hostility around HPDS Its hard work just to get on the scheme once on there is a lot of pressure to demonstrate continued development, targets to achieve and a huge amount of time and commitment to complete assignments and studies in addition to the officers day to day work , HPDS does not guarantee promotion it offers those on the course an accelerated opportunity to advance if they don't succeed at every stage they are off the course. to many in the job now jealous of success of others and expect to get roles and promotion based on time served and who you know, rather than on ability One if the biggest failing in the police is the refusal to recognise and utilise experience/skills abilities of those in the job to may set in the old ways of if you haven't done x years on foot wearing a cape you no nothing about the job that or we've always done it this way so it must be right look at all the controversy / bad practice / corruption exposed over the last few years i would suggest the old ways haven't been that good, identified those with potential support them in quick progression avoid getting caught up in the 'old' ways maybe this job will then move on and be fit for purpose
  8. its not about not doing something its about misusing legislation and powers the MCA and Sect 136 what individual officers choose to do is their choice as long as they are aware and prepared to accept the consequences of any complaints made against them. The issue is about the misuse of MCA to achieve a resolution mostly due to lack of understanding there is a grey area in the current legislation that needs to be clarified, my concerns are again other agencies misusing the police to do their jobs and officers using powers they think they have but don't. If officer attend address of someone who has taken OD is fully able to answer questions and given reason for what they have done they don't fall under MCA officers now in a difficult position No BOP or other offences, so what do you propose take them to hospital by force, they refuse any treatment and decide to leave hospital what are you going to do then, they've been taken there under powers that don't exist / apply, what are you going to do next I now what we have done and still do to make the job work however there comes a time when we have to say enough is enough stop abusing our powers or making them up as we go along and get clarification on, or a change to legislation to cover such events its ok saying I'm prepared to break the the law while everything goes ok, its to late to moan seek change when some poor individual finds themselves in court facing prison sentence .
  9. In short there's no real way of telling unless seller can show all original purchase receipts a lot of people dont know or record frame numbers anyway it about you asking seller the right questions and hope they are genuine as most sellers are
  10. Be very careful when using the Mental Capacity Act very few officers fully understand what it covers and the limited powers we have detaining and removing to a place of safety should be a last resor, t it should be to get help to the person as a rule. Amb service / hospitals / doctors and some senior officers are using this a cover all power in those situations when we dont really have any powers but the risk averse and backside covering kick in the following link if it works provide some very good practical advice especially the stated case
  11. Your decision should not be based on people opinions there is no height requirement to join so providing you pass everything else you have a good a chance as anyone else will it be a issue depends on how sensitive you are about the subject, there will be aspects of the job where your height could be a issue some colleagues will give you a hard time and some of our more colourful clients will certainly try and wind you up, its about recognising strengths and weakness My own personal opinion is that you may have more of a issue than others might
  12. The figures are no surprise as CPS and courts do not seem to understand the consequences of not prosecuting mix that with officer apathy and you have a major problem waiting to happen to many time I hear officers who have been spat at punched or kicked say they didn't arrest offender because it didn't hurt, it was only one punch / kick, its not worth the time and effort. ok fine but all that does is send out a message that its ok to assault police, its good to get a prosecution but if not at least get the low life off the street get some warning markers on the systems if we don't bother why should anyone else and the figures will keep on increasing
  13. A few years ago my daughter while at uni in Staff volunteered for community youth work easily identified in bright red fleece they went round engaging with groups of youths loitering in parks etc they had a more positive outcome than any police officer will ever achieve, because they were not seen as the enemy offered alternatives and no one thought there was any kind of agenda but due to this governments grasp of day to day issues funding was stopped and it all got passed back to police to resolves, the youths now feel the police have kicked the youth workers out to get more arrests so no co operations. the police are not always the people best equipped to deal with issues and at 2 in the morning when my response team is stretched beyond breaking point I am not overly impressed they neighbourhood officers are not available because they had a hard day dealing with kids playing football
  14. Sounds like someone is in need of a spot of leave
  15. Maybe reading the article again might give you a idea all it did was states how this case highlighted the amount of compensation paid to officers, nothing wrong with the article at all in fact it shows how ridiculous this compensation culture has become if it continues ll it will do is make it harder for genuine claims to proceed.