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  1. What's the scientific reason

    That would depend on what you drunk and when. Barfin empties the stomach, no the bloodstream
  2. National Police Force

    I'm afraid time and distance means that I'm quite out of touch these days. Do Regional Crime Squads still exist ( a kind of rural Sweeney in my memory) ?
  3. National Police Force

    " the methods we use in liverpool would not work in say, the cotswalds and vica versa. " I don't understand that comment. Yes, a different approach depending on whether the situation is rural, urban or metropolitan but surely the underlying principles are the same. The methods used in Brighton differ from those used in Wisborough Green but their are both policed by the same force. "for all the talk of efficiency modernisation and change the police service shows time and time again it is opposed to change" That's interesting and, judging from the previous comment, carries some weight. I would have thought operational and organisational differences would have been an argument brought up by some but it seems that sheer bloody-mindedness and opposition to change would be a major hurdle.
  4. A Leatherman is for pussies - get the real thing here
  5. National Police Force

    Forces have amalgamated before and changes to uniforms etc can be phased in. Why should training be disparate and different if the job is the same ? I saw the first use of computers within the police and was dismayed to see every force going its own way, doing its own thing. That may have changed (?) but you're right - everyone wants their own empire and some will be totally reluctant to give up anything to anyone else. Your worries about procurement could also be justified - just look at the MOD. But there must be economies of scale to be leveraged ?
  6. It's taken me awhile to read through this thread. I'm dismayed to say that with one or two notable exceptions, it's pretty predictable. In my experience, by virtue of their work, police officers tend to become, and to see themselves, as separate. Although not included as part of the armed forces they nevertheless serve the crown and regard others as something lesser. There is a natural extension of this attitude towards what were Specials and now PCSOs. The police service is unique and it is therefore understandable that the bonds of comradeship need to be, and are, strong. But it is equally as important not to lose sight of what you are doing, for whom and WHY. Is it for the money, the comradeship, the elitism, the feelgood factor, the power or something more fundamental - the feeling that you can make a real difference to society. Maybe you had some of these feelings in the past but experience has blurred your vision of society. Maybe others have these feelings but experience has hardened your views so much you can no longer perceive those views in others, or if you do, scoff at their idealism. Maybe its time for another can.
  7. Boot bulling issue

    Been 50 years since I spooned my boots. Nice to know some things carry on
  8. I haven't found a previous thread on this. I'm involved in a discussion on another site where I voiced the opinion that, in my experience, there were significant opportunities for increased efficiency and reduced costs in having a single UK police force. Now, there are a couple of ex-plods on said site but nothing like the wealth of experience here so I thought I would ask your opinion. I've already stated my position as PRO but I'm more than ready to listen to the ANTIs point of view. Gerard
  9. how was your day?

    Today was cool, 27C. Walked the dogs, in and out of the creek. Got home to find sushi prepared. Caught up on some chores til it was time for the first can. Bottle of un-oaked Chardonnay for tea - watching the sun go down. It's tough but someone has to do it.
  10. Pets, who has them?

    Exacterly. I've got another shot of them with the sun shining through. Just a shame he can't listen
  11. What do you read?

    I read every day and get most of my books from charity shops. Now and then you can turn up a real gem. Here's my top ten list: The Ginger Man - J P Donleavey Catch 22 - Joseph Heller The White Hotel - D M Lawrence The World According To Garp - John Irving The Woodlanders – Thomas Harding The Red Sailor – Patrick O’Hara The Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov Collected Works - John Betjeman Collected Verse – Banjo Paterson The Complete Plain Words - Gower The first seven are in no particular order. Eight and nine cos I was made to study poetry at school and, although we cheated like mad, I got a taste for it. And number ten, essential for anyone who writes reports - a bit dry but full of useful information. Most of these are still on my bookshelf.
  12. Usernames

    FB will not allow you to use famous names - even if it's your own. Gerard
  13. Pets, who has them?

    Tom, as a puppy and all growed up, with his older mate, Cassie
  14. What car Do You Drive?

    Not looking so clean now
  15. One Word Association