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  1. No idea how to delete my half-written message, so I'll just have to write it again!! It's more a case of wanting to just always have it on me, so it's with me at work, at home, in the car, wherever that may be, and not having to think "do I need to check what's in my pockets" all the time. Using even screwdrivers without a lock is less safe than with (god knows I've managed to catch my finger a few times when doing so with my screwdriver on my SAK), and I can quite see why many people say how much safer it is to have a lock on their knife when they're using it. I can also understand why you want to get lock-knives away from gang-members and kids. It does mean that the vast majority of multi-tool owners, who want a safe, strong, reliable and useful tool are made to suffer because you can only legislate against things, and not just arrest everyone with an attitude (more's the pity). There are tools out there that don't lock, but there is only one Leatherman and - quite frankly - all of the others really are not worth my spending my money on. That single Leatherman model is also not a full-size one, and is not the highest quality one in the range. When I'm looking to buy tools, I have always preferred to buy the best I can afford, as it will be easier to use, last longer, and generally be safer. Having said all of that, I asked for subjective opinions and I absolutely welcome and thank you for yours. It is informative and helpful :)
  2. Thanks for the opinion. I do realise that I'll never get a guarantee, as the act is illegal (whether it was originally intended to be so by virtue of the implemented statute or not), however it's reassuring to know that discretion will (at the moment) be exercised. As an aside, can I just say that I think it's ludicrous that people would set targets that mean the police cannot just do their job according to their best judgement. Stupid metrics-driven politics.
  3. Wouldn't say no to further opinions from serving officers though, on whether they would ever arrest someone with a multitool who was polite and who would surrender it if asked :)
  4. Thanks, guys: some useful responses there. It does seem to be very much that "if you're a sensible person; if you are polite and co-operative on challenge; and if you are accepting of the fact that you may lose it when you are challenged; then go ahead and get one, and it will be a useful thing to have with you". I should only be worried about arrest and/or prosecution if I'm obnoxious and/or threatening with it, or obviously if I were to actually use it as an offensive weapon!
  5. I've carried a Victorinox Swiss-Army Knife since I was about 16 (now 35), and I probably use it on average once or twice a week (to cut open packaging, to tighten a screw, etc). I've found myself wishing for the last few years that I had pliers on me, as I regularly come across situations where they would be useful. The problem is that it's not proving simple to find a "good" multitool without locking blades. I'm left with the choice of either carrying an just-adequate multitool that will just about do what I want, or getting a very good one that will very happily do what I want, but that has a locking blade on it, which we all know is technically illegal. So, the question is ... under the anonymity of an internet forum ... would you arrest someone for carrying one of these? Not someone who can say "yes, I'm an engineer, I need it for work" or something similar, but someone who - like a good scout - has spent his whole life carrying around a Swiss-Army Knife and wants to always be prepared. To look at, I'd probably say I'm the antithesis of "chav" (middle-class white guy, living happily in suburbia with his wife, and who rarely drinks or goes out to pubs), and I'm certainly never going to be in a club, yet I would definitely walk down a High Street on a Saturday morning with my wife, carrying this in my pocket. Your honest, subjective opinions would be very gratefully received :)