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  1. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Thank you for the advice! Still haven't herd anything, keeping my fingers crossed!! X
  2. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Thanks will try that! Always hated maths at school due to never having constant teachers! Nervous about the exams!
  3. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Hey! It's grampian iv applied with! I received my email confirming they have my application last week! How long did they give you between saying you have a attend a recruitment day and attending? Also any tips on what I should study for the exams? I have done the papers on grampian website but there's only one! Thanks
  4. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Hey guys! Random was just looking for some more information about the process, I sent my application away start of the week how long did it take u guys to hear back? Also can somebody give me a bit more detail about tillyallen training as haven't had much! Thanku Emma