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  1. The Met - 27th July

    I got my Type 3 conditional offer for 27 July on 1 June! Excited.
  2. CKP completed: Dec 2013 First applied: February 2014 (DDO to PC) (Line manager rejected application >>> - Me >>> appealed with HR which was upheld ) Inspector resubmitted my application: - June 2014 Day One: 28/11/14 Day Two: 5/01/15 Vetting commenced: 25/01/15 Vetting completed: 28/01/15 Start Date: 27/07/15 Nothing like emoji wit.
  3. Just got a type 3 conditional offer for 27th July. Insanely happy!
  4. Oops, my bad. Clearly didn't read it properly. It seems were all getting closer. Congratulations Josuz.
  5. Hi folks, I haven't commented in a while. Just to let you know, that I am expecting a start date in either June or July. I had the same call as Jozus a couple of days a go regarding whether I had any holidays booked and how long my notice period would be. The lady on the phone told me to expect a start date within 2 weeks. I am an internal applicant who took my CKP externally before the Met offered. TJ
  6. It is quite quick as I am Met Staff - I had the benefit of internal emails etc. In terms of the vetting, I already had CTC and it doesn't expire for 8 years, so I only had the other vetting to do. Now it doesn't matter who I email, I get the generic response emails. Lol. TJ
  7. Hi everyone, I did my Day One in December, did my Day Two in early January. They sent my Vetting off on 24th Jan and it was complete by 28th. I have been at manager review stage since then. So I am in the same boat as all of you. TJ
  8. May Intake for the Met

    Hi folks, just thought I'd share an email I got from Post Selection today. It says what it says, but seems to be a lot less specific about course dates! It worries be a little bit because I know there is going to be another Spending Review this year; which is what poo'd me up when I applied to be a PCSO. However, optimism is word of the day! Hope we all get dates soon! TJ
  9. When do I send my CTC form?

    I sent them the email with the best intentions, 3 days after my assessment. Forgot to add the forms! Ha. Don't worry, just send them in and apologise for the lateness.
  10. I found out because of my PeoplePages (the Mets HR thing). I am a bit disappointed that they leave external candidates in the dark considering how much effort is made to prior to and during assessments. TJ
  11. Have they not told you whether you have passed your Day 2? I would take a guess that you have passed, but ring them/email them and make sure. Vetting is very likely to still be ongoing - it has always been an uphill struggle with the Met. TJ
  12. Met staff have to wait too!

  13. I got the same email today too. I am already Met Staff so I don't think it is anything worth worrying about. I completed my CKP in Jan 2014. TJ