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  1. CKP completed: Dec 2013 First applied: February 2014 (DDO to PC) (Line manager rejected application >>> - Me >>> appealed with HR which was upheld ) Inspector resubmitted my application: - June 2014 Day One: 28/11/14 Day Two: 5/01/15 Vetting commenced: 25/01/15 Vetting completed: 28/01/15 Start Date: 27/07/15 Nothing like emoji wit.
  2. Just got a type 3 conditional offer for 27th July. Insanely happy!
  3. Oops, my bad. Clearly didn't read it properly. It seems were all getting closer. Congratulations Josuz.
  4. Hi folks, I haven't commented in a while. Just to let you know, that I am expecting a start date in either June or July. I had the same call as Jozus a couple of days a go regarding whether I had any holidays booked and how long my notice period would be. The lady on the phone told me to expect a start date within 2 weeks. I am an internal applicant who took my CKP externally before the Met offered. TJ
  5. It is quite quick as I am Met Staff - I had the benefit of internal emails etc. In terms of the vetting, I already had CTC and it doesn't expire for 8 years, so I only had the other vetting to do. Now it doesn't matter who I email, I get the generic response emails. Lol. TJ
  6. Hi everyone, I did my Day One in December, did my Day Two in early January. They sent my Vetting off on 24th Jan and it was complete by 28th. I have been at manager review stage since then. So I am in the same boat as all of you. TJ
  7. Met staff have to wait too!