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  1. Should officers be armed with Tasers?

    wasn't there a bit of hostility when officers were first issued with c/s in the early days, and by the way i dont like at me either. some officers i suggest they need to improve their aim
  2. Code G PACE changes. Noticing differences?

    The 1st qusetion would be to ask them to turn up for a voluntary, if they say no then I would either consider street bail or arrest,or if yes then dont turn up arrest is the only option, its your discretion how many attempts your willing to give the alleged offender, just remember the longer you put it off, that this may alter the arrest criteria and maybe turned away at custody
  3. Code G PACE changes. Noticing differences?

    street bail should be treated as if in custody, this is to ensure the person turns up when you say they will, if not then they can be arrested for prompt and effective as you have given them the chance and needed for interview, strret bail should,nt be for too long anyhow, couple of days max i would of thought
  4. Code G PACE changes. Noticing differences?

    This has been in place in the west mids for a while, as i am a current middle office based officer we tend to hold more voluntary interviews where by the offenders are summonsed or postal charged the other question is what really is the nessacity for arrest of the PIC, for DV,yes to protect a vulnerable person, but a shoplifter why do you need to arrest if the offence is a few weeks old and could be FPN or MG15 and summonsed at the scene apart from they have been fobing you off with the line " ill be in tomorrow".Prompt and effective no longer cuts it on its own unless you have there and then offence really and should be asking them to attend voluntarily Initially cheers peeps
  5. hit by another car

    Hi all The police attended and dealt with the matter immediatly in hand right? so what they should do is ask you if you wish to claim,via the court file for the excess that you have had to pay on your Insurance and other associated time off work etc etc as the car was in the shop (VAT REGISTERED). It will be down to you to fill out this claim and return to the officer dealing,This will all need to evideced by receipts and letters confirming your claim. Hope this helps
  6. Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal Award

    lol looks like a visit to the stores cheers
  7. Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal Award

    As a force we dont wear the medals on the fleece any way it was just the ribbons that would have to be put on
  8. Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal Award

    hi folks I have a medal issue that I wish to discuss. I was given 2 other medals after completeing OP GRANBY 1991, I obviously wear my 2 others GULF and DIAMOND on my police fleece, the others were given by the saudi and kuwait gov, am I allowed to wear the ribbons on the fleece as this is not ceremonial dress nor will I probably wear them as such. Any ideas
  9. Hi all

    Just to let u know im around now, so hi all
  10. new job interview