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  1. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Well done chris!
  2. CNC Salary deductions?!

    When it comes to the CNC you should consider yourself lucky your at that stage, I know people who have been in the proccess for over a year and would kill to have s contract! £800 less per year or not
  3. January the 9th intake

    Alright folks.. I'm starting on the 7th also with D&G but I was a strathclyde special for 3 and a half years... Does any one know where I can get a copy of the latest "Scottish beat officers companion"?? Iv tried amazon ect ect but can't get it anywhere!!?? Alan
  4. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Alright m8.. Have you got your joining instructions yet??
  5. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Cheers chris, have you heard back yet??
  6. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Hey norseman, did you accept the offer in writing then?? Looking forward to starting?
  7. Fitness and Firearms - 22nd

    unfortunelty the cnc is notoriously a very looooong process! my big mate pabz has been waiting ages and he phones ever week!
  8. Tulliallan Running Routes

    same here folks, looking to keep fit for edinburgh half marathon next year..apparently theres a decent gym, a lot of football and other sports going on all week and a decent running route round the college so should be easy enough to keep it going see you all there
  9. Dumfries and Galloway...

    i did indeed mate. delighted. ill be handing in my writtin acceptance tomorrow morning. see you on the 31st
  10. Dumfries and Galloway...

    FINALLY. excellent. Look forward to meeting you. Alan.
  11. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Hey Norseman, did you phone in to see what was happening? I tried yesterday but there was no one in.
  12. Dumfries and Galloway...

    No All you do is the run, the push and pull is done at your medical
  13. Dumfries and Galloway...

    You do 6 laps of the track at the David keswick centre track. It defo won't be the bleep test.
  14. Dumfries and Galloway...

    I know its taking ages for the letter. I was going to phone aswell tomorrow to see what's happening as you can't really make any plans until you know for absolute sure you know? Iv tried to private mail you my number but it's not letting me, if you don't mind let me know how u get on when u phone?
  15. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Yea same here I phoned 2weeks ago and she told me 31st dec.. I'm now trying to be as patient as I can for the letter feels like iv been waiting forever though .. Do you know how many are starting from D&G??