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  1. Words fail me, you really do have to worry about the future.
  2. Ive been sparingly training in BJJ for about four years at my local club. I struggle to get to most of the classes and struggle to progress in a belt sense because of it. Although when I do go, I pick up something at each and every class. It does give me a lot of self confidence. I completely buy into the attitude of the Gracie family. I just can't give up my other sports and devote all my time to BJJ.
  3. Remember the Titans - Very good and true story about how two groups of people can work together and overcome any problems put in their way.
  4. This appears to be a bit of a gripe thread........ I have just finished working 13 out of 14 days due to court calling on my rest days and the fact it's the tail end of marching season. It is the worst work life balance that I have ever had in my 7 years police service. The last couple of weeks have made me question my desire to do the job anymore, something which I never ever thought I would do. In these 7 years I have been at my force's busiest office on response, with the exception of a six month road policing stint. I am "qualified" to be a Sgt and have been for 2.5 years but have not been given an inkling as to whether I am likely to be acting up any time soon. I am in dire need of a change but the people I work with are making the task bearable at the moment. I am completely in agreement with the poster above in that, you must not jump ship at the first job off of response as you may regret it and not be able to return. I am watching the pension situation carefully as I think a raise to 15% contributions will be be the death knell for a lot of police colleagues of mine.
  5. Yeah. No weights for probationers and other students I am led to believe. The other facilities are very good though. The pool, when it's available is excellent!
  6. I have been waiting on a medic course in my force for 1.5 years. Just as well I wasn't holding my breath!
  7. This should never be the norm! If I think back to some of the times, I have either or had my own life saved by my neighbour / crew member or saved theirs, the idea of working alone makes me cringe.
  8. I think about leaving every single shift to be fair. The job provides an element of security, a lot more so than others out there. I think about how tired I am going to be after 35 years of shift work and it frightens me. It's what I signed up for though.
  9. You will more than likely be starting your career in the Police Service of Scotland then :)
  10. I think that the hierarchy have relied upon the goodwill of officers for far too long and that instances such as working to rule and memorising regulations etc is going to become a lot more common. I try to be as positive as I can about the job but I do like to have a life outside of work and have some hobbies which I could not do without. Cancelled rest days and the likes do get in the way of that.
  11. Should you not be sleeping somehwere...........
  12. My space pen and my mouth! :boxing:
  13. Bedding is provided. The rules used to be that you had to make your bed in a particular way each day and only one piece of toiletries was allowed out each day. In addition to that, you got a rollocking if there was any toothpaste staining in the sink etc. Just keep your room tidy and you will be fine.
  14. If you intend on applying for Fire Service, ensure you can sleep at the drop of a hat Only kidding, I have the utmost respect for those guys, some of the stuff they do is fantastic. Good luck with whatever you do.
  15. I certainly preferred shoes for parade as I think they look better, but there is no hard and fast rules which states they MUST be shoes.