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  1. Yes but simply pushing someone should not effect your employment chances for the rest of your life. If I had known that a so called 'Caution' remains on you record forever then maybe I would not have accepted the caution in the first place.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, its a shame when the police tell you at the time of the caution that it will only be on your record for three years because clearly this is not true.
  3. Thank you for your reply so even if the caution doesnt show up on a PNC it will still show up on the CRB?
  4. Hi, I was cautioned for assault about 6 years ago and was told by the Police officer that it would remain on my record for 3 years. I am considering applying for Teaching Assistant vacancies and would be required to have an enhanced CRB check. Would it be likely for the caution to show up? Would it be possible for me to go to my local police station and ask them for a PNC check on myself? If the caution does not show up on a PNC check is it possible that it would still appear on a CRB? many thanks