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  1. assault

    i was talked to on the ferry,my details were taken and arrested at the local police station and immediately given police bail in order to travel home. i think the school teachers pushed for assault,i do.not know at this stage. thank you for your interest.
  2. hi every-one. i was looking for advice regarding assault charges and came across your site.fascinating. please could you give me some help. i was on a ferry last night when a scholl boy aged 13 started swearing in front of my young children and me. so i confronted this lad,and asked him to find his teacher with me to sort out this problem. i was very firm asssertive verbally but touched his shoulder to 'grab:' his attention. there was no malicious intent ,just touched him. his teachers now say i assaulted him and have been told to appear in a police station in 30 days time to answer this crime,when he was the one swearing in a public place. please tellme what is going on!!!. thank you.