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  1. Arresting a soldier?

    Will have to come clean on Monday when I am back from leave. Thought it might of been different as I wasn't charged but it seems they will probably know anyway. Not looking forward to it as I had trouble with the MPs just before Christmas and spent a few days in the guardroom over it so I really needed to stay out of trouble.
  2. Arresting a soldier?

    Hope this is in the right section. If a soldier is arrested do the police notify the Army? I have heard different things and would like to know what happens? I got arrested and released on bail while the police are investigating. I haven't been charged with anything yet and this has nothing to do with the Army as I was home on leave and not around the Barracks. If the Army are to find out anyway it would be better for me to let them know.
  3. Thanks - going to get things sorted tomorrow. Was going to go down tonight but don't want to spend the night in the cells. Court in London wouldn't give me the info over the phone. Thinking about going down to London myself like you said - would be better than going down in a police van or whatever. Could I just turn up at the court where I was supposed to be or do I still have to go to a station down there? Does it take long for them to do what they have to do before going to court?
  4. Hope it is Ok to post here just to get some info. My gf got a knock on the door from the police over the weekend. I have a bench warrant for not showing up in court - stupid I know but had some family problems and just couldn't face it. Anyway just want to get it sorted out now and not have the police calling again. I assume it would look better if I just went to the station and handed myself in than being arrested? What will happen at the station if I do this? The bench warrant is for a London court - I am up north. Will I be going to court up here or have to go down to court in London? Will I need to bring cash with me - am thinking they might want this for bail because of not turning up last time? I know this is my own fault and like I said just want to get it sorted out - any info or advice would be a real help.