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  1. Hi Crown Servant, I did not realize that, perhaps what I thought was a station sergeant is a custody sergeant ? working in the cells ?
  2. :biggrin: Yeh I did when I saw my boots in the air ! I wish I had landed on him that would of taught him
  3. Ha :tongue: have you even been out today ? its treacherous, particularly in the woods !
  4. Ditto to that, my cuddly land shark decided to knock me over in the mud today, so its a wet cold soggy boot kind of evening :)
  5. I did not realise that all police stations did not have a station Sgt, so if that is the case then yes they should reintroduce them. A long serviing Sgt will have so much valuable experience.
  6. This afternoon in the south east we are enjoying a gorgeous autumnal day, the breez is light, with soft fluffy clouds drifting accross a light blue sky :biggrin:
  7. Ok folks, so tonight in the south it is cold and damp, the sky is leaden with an orangy hue.
  8. Funny how you can often remember what you were doing on a particular date. I was watching Michael Jacksons 'vidio' Thriller, it had just been released. I was wondering why my widows were all a bit wobbly, good the next day tho didn't have to go to work :))
  9. Right I didnt get a chance to finish that post....... Gripper are you really going to do this report every day ? In the saf here this evening its cold and spitting, Should I bring my geraniums in doors ? Think its getting a bit to cold out there of them.
  10. Your so funny Gripper :tongue: A
  11. My understanding is that you could also errect a fence along side of the neighbours if you are not happy with their fence. It can get a bit complicated also because one local Authority's planning can be different from anothers, and so its always best to check it with your own local planning office. I think with a back garden fence you are limited to put up a fence that is not higher than 2metres, and thats measured from their side at ground level.
  12. I believe you could find out more about this issue under the Party Wall Act etc. Act 1996 I think these are 2 good sources of reference
  13. Nah it isint you Google, I think there are a lot of people in the UK that do care about our policing. What frustrates me is the lack of reporting in the media about what is really happening in policing today.
  14. Hi Google, with respect I feel that you underestimate Joe public if you asume that we believe in May's buttering up to the police this week.
  15. I might add, Pc Ian Dibell in Essex was killed off-duty - but he courageously confronted a gun man in his capacity as a Police Officer in order to protect others from serious harm; and sadly he paid the ultimate price. There lies the difference. Someone's life is equally as valuable regardless of what they might do. I would never argue otherwise. . That said, I don't for one minute think that the law will be adequately changed. This is the same Home Secretary, who claimed she would scrap the Human Rights Act. Funnily enough, she hasn't. She can't. And a life sentence without parole, will simply fall foul of the ECHR. In order words, she'd have to scrap one to have the other. We all know that's simply NOT going to happen. This is a classic case of a politician softening up her audience so to speak. I agree, Call me cynical but I think that May has used this statement in an atempt to appease her audience. Why politicians continually behave in such transparent manner is beyond me. Life should mean life for all , an assault against a police officer should be punished harshley. Crime should mean time and it should be significant in its amount to reflect the gravitas of the situation