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  1. Essex Police Transfer

    Hi all, Havent posted on here in a very long time and apologies if there is already another thread with this info on it I'm a PC looking at a potential transfer to Essex Police into a uniform post which is currently advertised Can anyone shed some light on what state Essex Police is in at the moment and if it is worth transferring? (I understand that's subjective but opionions would be appreciated!) Main questions I have is what shift pattern do response officers work on the north of the county? Are there prisoner handling teams or do PC's carry their own crime? What are promotion prospects like? In your opinion what is morale like at the moment? (It's pretty shocking in my force) Cheers!
  2. BTP 2013 intake

    Yeah exactly. Can't see how it's fair for us to get in and then they up it by loads
  3. BTP 2013 intake

    Haha yes mate makes things a bit easier. Both singing from the same hymn sheet and all that! I'm an external but to btp but worked for the met before and was a met special. Yeah I've not done much exercise since Christmas tbh but hopefully should be alright I'm hoping.
  4. BTP 2013 intake

    Ah small world, I'm travelling in from rush green so will go to Romford and get the London overground from Stratford. Yeah it was before 9 so I figured 830 would be about right. I'm feeling good about it, bit nervous but excited too! You?
  5. BTP 2013 intake

    Sounds like a plan my man. Where you travelling in from?
  6. BTP 2013 intake

    It's tomorrow! What time are people getting there?
  7. BTP 2013 intake

    Nah I'm just going to take my gym kit on the first day and see what happens
  8. BTP 2013 intake

    Yeah I agree I haven't exactly eaten lightly over Christmas. I have no idea at all. I'm guessing it will be similar to the JRFT that we done at the AC? I heard we get our uniform on the first day. Have you got your boots yet?
  9. BTP 2013 intake

    Yeah I was external but was. Met special also. Not long now people in the January intake!
  10. BTP 2013 intake

    It's to get free overground travel for training. Maybe it's because I didn't fill it out during the ac that I had to fill out another
  11. BTP 2013 intake

    Yeah I didn't get a p46 but I had the form from when I started my current job so just sent that in as well. Did you get an email about the residential train pass thingy for overground?
  12. BTP 2013 intake

    Nah got mine yesterday mate. Sent it off this morning! Getting close now
  13. BTP 2013 intake

    Gus. Unfortunately not guessing mine didn't get sent out in time to get it today. Did you?
  14. BTP 2013 intake

    Yeah they ain't cheap but I suppose how often do you buy a decent pair of boots?
  15. BTP 2013 intake

    Yeah hopefully! I think I'm gonna buy altberg boots. They're bit expensive but I suffer from having aching sore feet so I think I'll spend the money for comfort