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  1. merseyside police recruitment

    Has anyone got the link to login to check your status? Seems to have disappeared of their website Thanks Has anyone got the link to login to check your status? Seems to have disappeared of their website Thanks
  2. Any advice appreciated.

    Does everybody think its not possible then?
  3. Any advice appreciated.

    Just wondering that was all
  4. Any advice appreciated.

    Ha Think it's more working with people outdoors
  5. Any advice appreciated.

    Cheers for your response. I would love to be a Pcso, think working outside is definitely for me ultimately Thought it would be a no go.
  6. I've always wanted to work in the community and just recently went for a Pcso and failed final interview on 1 question. I applied to be a radio operator with the same force and passed and am currently going into my 2nd week of training. Even though I'm thrilled to have the job it just confirms that I want to work outdoors. I passed my police officer assessment Center 4 months ago with 62% and have worked as a special nearly 4 years. What I would like advice/info on is do you think It would be possible to ask to transfer to be a Pcso? New recruits are set to start end of september and are going threw vetting currently. Any opinions appreciated.
  7. Pcso Gmp

    Anyone had an interview?
  8. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    I was told the same about 1st of July onwards in regards to hearing back. Didn't feel it went that well and then reading people having interviews after me and finding out very quickly made me think that. Got the impression there waiting until the 1st to send out a batch of letters.
  9. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Couldn't agree more Matt. But like I say from what I've read on this forum people who have passed have been told very quickly and generally haven't waited that long. Seems a strange way of doing it then. Amy on here had her interview after you and has already found out she's passed etc Please keep positive like I say I don't want anyone to fail. Just my take on it. What will be, will be.
  10. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Took it about 2 weeks ago. Reading the forum people who have passed have me told pretty much straight away. If you read over the forum you'll see and the ones who have waited haven't. There was 1 exception on here when he found out a week later but he wrote the letter was posted the next day but arrived a week later, so I put that down to Royal Mail, all the others who passed were told very quickly. I hope you haven't failed. Just seems more likely to me.
  11. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Think people being told they will hear from the 1st onwards may have failed. Looks like you find out very quickly if you've passed.
  12. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    If you've passed you find out quickly.
  13. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    What are good indicators on how the interview went do you think?
  14. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Does anybody have any clue as to how many are likely to get through to interview?