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  1. Applied mid sep

    Just got this, failed by 30 seconds slipped on stones round the first corner and went over my ankle, was so gutted.
  2. Applied mid sep

    Aw that is so unlucky! Ive heard of that happening to someone else, its really harsh. Mines is tomorrow, dreading it even more now!
  3. Applied mid sep

    WeeYv2012 How did you get on yesterday?
  4. Applied mid sep

    I waited 5 days for my results, came through by email then by post a day later so keep an eye on your emails. Although im sure if you do both on the same day you find out on the day, well thats what seemed to happen from reading older posts. Thanks and good luck! Let me know how it goes, im so worried about the fitness, more nervous than what I was about the SETS. Think its because your not allowed a watch and I wont have a clue what my timings are.
  5. Applied mid sep

    Found the maths part pretty tough but the language and info handling really easy. Everyones different though, I noticed the guy next to me was finished early on the maths and I was scrabbling at the end then at the language it was the other way around. I passed though got my fitness this thursday, dreading it!
  6. Applied mid sep

    I applied in September and just got a letter today to do my SETs next week.