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  1. Grampian Police Recruitment

    I'm there on the 30th.
  2. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Confirming that someone who just passed their final for Grampian has been given a start date of the end of June/beginning of July.
  3. Grampian Police Recruitment

    I know someone who passed their final interview at the beginning of the week. They have been told that their start date will be at the end of June.
  4. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Yeah, I will pass next time. Any training tips to hammer down for the next 5/6 weeks? I really want to make sure I make level 10 for next time!
  5. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Unfortunately it wasn't meant too be for me- going out on level 9. I know I know, 2 more lengths, but I just couldn't manage it. I WILL pass next time. Well done everyone who did pass the day.
  6. Grampian Police Recruitment

    For my SET earlier in the year, the dress code was formal, a suit all the way. Anyone not wearing one was turned away. Not sure if that's the case with Grampian.
  7. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Well my treadmill training looks fairly fruitless. Managed to get into a gym hall set up for the 15m bleep and only made it to 7.3 before over shooting the line so much I couldn't make it up. Really worried now I have no idea how much adrenalin will help, as doing it with others may help.
  8. Fitness and interview 10th or feb 2013

    I'm coming up from York, so nope definitely not local! There is a thread in the recruitment section with a few more who will be there on the 10th. I haven't had much notice regarding the fitness, and really don't know how I will do, but i can only try my best. Under 7 minutes of 'pain' would be another step down to the job I want to do! Think positive!!
  9. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Well due to yet more flooding, I have still been unable to re-attempt an actual bleep test. I know it isn't the same but I have tried to replicate things on a treadmill with a 1% incline. 1min at 5mph 1min at 5.3mph 1min at 5.6mph 1min at 5.9mph 1min at 6.2mph 1min at 6.5mph 1min at 6.8mph 1min at 7.1mph 15 seconds at 7.5mph That totals 8mins 15 seconds and in terms if distance is around 0.85miles. No turns obviously, but continuously increasing the speed. I think the speeds correlate with the actual levels, although I don't think any level lasts as long as 60 seconds. Only next Sunday will tell if this has been any good! Any last minute tips?
  10. Fitness and interview 10th or feb 2013

    I'll be there. Also worried about the bleep test. Haven't done one since I was a kid, and really not sure if I'll be able to manage it Here's hoping for the both of us!
  11. Grampian Police Recruitment

    The bleep test is worrying me now. I can run a sub 13 minute mile and a half no problem with 12:03 being a pb. However I tried the bleep test yesterday and it went as bad as I could of imagined. Got to level 5 with ease (I actually had to slow down on the early levels) but on a turn just before level 6, I twisted my ankle somewhat and had to stop there and then. Now I wasn't physically exhausted, so know I could go further but the turns are worrying. My left knee is a bit sore today as well. With 10 days of prep left, I can only keep trying with my interval training and maybe give the bleep one more go. I think doing it alone didn't help things, so I can only try my best! Good luck to anyone else doing the test on this date.
  12. Grampian Police Recruitment

    We will see. Hopefully this snow melts and the unavoidable flooding doesn't last too long. Running outdoors is impossible at the moment. Still did some on the treadmill over the last few days. Just got back from a quick 40 minute session. Ran a mile at a 6mph pace then did some intervals varying upto 8mph on the fast element. Total was about 3.5 miles in distance. Hope I can manage it. Now to read up more on the force and imminent merger.
  13. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Am I right in thinking level 9.2 on the 15m Bleep Test takes just under 7 minutes? I guess the hard part is turning at the higher levels.
  14. Grampian Police Recruitment

    For some reason I am sat here shaking! Must be adrenalin. A bizarre feeling really. I didn't expect any communication for another month, so to have the fitness and interview (passed the SET already) in two weeks really is something! A mixture or excitement and fear now though! Anyway I am worried about the fitness. The whole realm of the unknown really. I didn't manage to complete the 1.5 mile run in 12 mins previously, and I have been told people prefer that over the bleep test, so that's making me worry even more. The interview (if I do pass the fitness) is something which I am more confident with, as I can prepare more and vaguely know what to expect. I presume there will be some questions regarding the force as well as competency based questions? I am travelling from York, so quite a train journey. Ah!! And breath
  15. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Well I have heard via email today and have been given a Fitness/Initial Interview date for two weeks time! Now I have no idea how hard the bleep test is, having never done one. Any training tips for such a short period of time to improve? I did let my fitness slip over the festive period, so am somewhat nervous. Also the interview, well that's something else to worry about!!! :sweatingbullets: