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  1. What to wear for medical

    I haven't got a mankini and the missus doesn't like me borrowing her dresses so I think I'll go with a shirt, shoes and jeans. Thanks for the answers
  2. What to wear for medical

    No I haven't been given a fitness test date yet. Training won't start until November so I guess I will have the fitness some time in October.
  3. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I've got my medical on Thursday and was just wondering if I need to go suited and booted again or are jeans and t-shirts Ok?
  4. Hi all. I'm applying to become a special and really could do with brushing up on whatever is needed at the assessment centre. Trouble is I don't know what sort of written tests and verbal logical reasoning tests are done at the assessment. Are there any up to date books I can buy to give me a bit of a head start?
  5. I've given up on becoming a regular officer for a while but I've made my mind up that I'm going to apply to be a special instead. According to the Herts constabulary website the application consists of the application form sift followed by an interview, written and numerical tests. Are the tests and interview to the same level as regular officer tests and what books do people use to brush up with before? Secondly the Herts constabulary website says the training consists of a 7 day course followed by 7 Saturdays. I was just wondering if that would be 7 Saturdays in a row or is it likely be spread out a bit?
  6. Met Summer Recruitment and CKP requirement

    This is slightly worrying for me. For people like me who currently work shifts and have zero chance of getting all the time off needed to do a course what chance do I have? £1000 for a course that MAY get you a job is a huge amount of money for a lot of people these days which limits applicants to only those who can afford to lose that amount. I doubt there are that many families that can afford to possibly lose £1000 just to be able to apply for a fairly low starting salaried job with no guarantee of even getting past the application stage. Positive discrimination in the MET is all over the media at the minute. If I (white, English) paid out for a course and applied it could be a complete waste of money if I had no chance to begin with.
  7. Cambs recruiting

    Tell me about it. I got an email yesterday saying my application was still being reviewed.
  8. Cambs recruiting

    Still waiting here! Does it always take this long?
  9. Passing on the left

    Dangerous driving A person who drives a mechanically propelled vehicle dangerously on a road or other public place is guilty of an offence. Do you mean this?
  10. Passing on the left

    What offence would the driver be prosecuted for?
  11. Passing on the left

    On a motorway is it legal to pass on the left. For example, I am driving in lane 1 at 70 mph and there is another car in lane 2 doing 60 mph. Lane 3 is completly full (as usual) so there is no chance of me going round and passing on the right for a while. The driver in lane 2 is just sitting there and not making any attempt to overtake anyone else or move back to lane one. I've heard quite alot of conflicting information on this recently.
  12. Cambs recruiting

    Has anyone else that applied in Janurary not heard anything yet?
  13. Cambs recruiting

    Any role plays? I went to a met assesment day years ago and we had to do 4 role plays where you had to play the role of a security guard at a shopping mall. How do you find out if you've got through the paper sift? Do you get a letter or is it email? I still haven't heard a thing, on the website it just says my aplication is under review.
  14. Cambs recruiting

    Hmmm mine says it's being reviewed. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing.
  15. Good boy Peach!

    Surely you're not serious.