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  1. I've given up on becoming a regular officer for a while but I've made my mind up that I'm going to apply to be a special instead. According to the Herts constabulary website the application consists of the application form sift followed by an interview, written and numerical tests. Are the tests and interview to the same level as regular officer tests and what books do people use to brush up with before? Secondly the Herts constabulary website says the training consists of a 7 day course followed by 7 Saturdays. I was just wondering if that would be 7 Saturdays in a row or is it likely be spread out a bit?
  2. Surely you're not serious.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. It's really helpful to know that it can still be an enjoyable worthwhile job even with the cuts. My attitude is I can't really miss what I never had, good luck to you all.
  4. Thanks Carlos. I'm not counting any chickens just yet, I know how hard it is to get in. You haven't put me off as it's something i've wanted for years. Application in last night, fingers crossed.
  5. How long have you been a pc Blueboy?
  6. I'm currently applying to be a pc and am hearing alot of bad things from officers, hardly any would reccomend the job to me. I know you are all going through very tough times at the moment and morale is low but I only really hear this from pc's that have been in the job for quite a while. Are there any officers on here that could shed some light on the job as a new guy that hasn't had to go through all the changes because of spending cuts?
  7. I am applying to cambs police as the MPS still aren't recruiting and no-one seems to know if they will in the near future. I live in north Hertfordshire so Cambridge is the closest area recruiting(Herts still aren't). I'm not sure but i imagine as a new starter in cambs it would be 19k without any form of weighting.
  8. I actually applied way back in 2004 but failed the assesment centre by 1 lousy point. I would love to be a special but with the shifts i do it would be completly impossible. As Cambridge are recruiting i thought i would try again and they don't require new applicants to have any previous experience. My current basic salary is not much more than 19k but it is topped up by various allowances for unsociable hours and flexibility etc. Do the police have any of these type of top ups?
  9. I'm an AA patrol. I work stupidly long shifts on very poorly planned shifts with a fair ammount of overtime and make nearly 40k a year. It's good money if you put the effort in but it's not what i want to do. Now they have dropped it 19k for new starters is that pretty much all i would expect to get? I know some people are saying 19k is a well paid job but for me with a wife and mortgage it's very low. In my opinion 19k for what you guys do is a disgrace.
  10. Excuse my ignorance. What's HA? I'm always hearing the police do loads of overtime and can earn quite a bit from it.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Is there much overtime either before or after your shifts or on rest days? I ask because i want a career change but earn double the new recruits salary.
  12. Hi, i'm also a newbie but been lurking for a while. Can i add to the question and how many days on and off you would normally work. I work very unsociable shifts at the moment so the shift times you posted carlos won't be a problem.