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  1. Criminal record advice please

    I was caught shoplifting (worth £110 which included perfume and two to three clothes) few days ago and I am highly apologetic for my behaviour. It was done by the urge of getting this feeling after getting things without paying which made me to do this regretful offence. I was given a caution and penalty of £80 by the police. Being an international staying in UK, I understood that I am here to serve the country rather than causing harm to retail stores and no crime is worth having deported or loosing job and education from the country which can be a big shock for my parents who have spent lot of money on my education. My question relates to the visa application that I would be making in an years time to continue staying in this country. Do I have to disclose this case if my company decides to sponsor my stay in the country? I am really worried and ensure that this mistake will not be repeated. Please need urgent help...