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  1. January the 9th intake

    Yeah its now back to dull and I have no idea how to fix it and dont want to make it worse,if it could get any.any suggestions as my hand is sore as been at it since six and still have trousers to do
  2. January the 9th intake

    Anyone any suggestions I have been bulling these shoes all night and one has totally gone dull and no matter what I do it looks ruined any suggestions?
  3. January the 9th intake

    Im going to take everything I think and just leave it in the car.a friend of mine has just finished his first year and he said all he took was pen and paper and left everything else in car.better to be safe than sorry I suppose.everyone looking forward to tomorrow?
  4. January the 9th intake

    Brilliant thanks.so much to try and remember and dont want to forget something or do something wrong especially on the first day.
  5. January the 9th intake

    ok thanks just wanted to double check.really silly question but what do we do if we dont have our p45 as I only stop my other job tomorrow?
  6. January the 9th intake

    Hi all, happy new year.what is everyone taking with them on Wednesday?
  7. Division/Sub Division Allocation

    I'm b division also
  8. January the 9th intake

    You need to fill it in and send off,the doctor told me to send it off straight after final fitness so you have it back for when you start
  9. January the 9th intake

    Hi all im in the Jan 9th intake also,just handed in resignation on Friday after final fitness.looking forward to it