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  1. PCC finally realises that he/she has no mandate as less than 10% of the electorate in his/her County voted for them and the other 90% think that PCC has to do with complaints about newspapers such as News of the World. So said PCC resigns and donates all accrued salary to a worthwhile charity. *Yawns and stretches* What a lovely dream!
  2. Just had an email that my SI has mine ready for me to collect. I'll post a picture as soon as I get it.
  3. Neale has indeed been found safe and well apparently -
  4. I may get one, but then I may not as mine has gone through the force mail system.
  5. Yes, the soil is too wet for potatoes this year, not sure if this has anything to do with blight as I'm not an expert there. My next door neighbour has had to scrap all of his crop.
  6. Odd thing about Brussels sprouts, as a kid I used to hate them but now as an adult I love them. I have tried to grow them in the garden but the birds always get to them first.
  7. My Mrs has just returned from visiting a local friend who used to be a PCSO in the Met ('used to be' because she was invalided out of the the force after having the living daylights beaten out of her on a job) So, home delivery arrives. Driver hands over the check sheet of what is being delivered and they had run out of Brussels sprouts and Christmas pudding. So, happy Christmas from Tesco.
  8. This has just started being made public via twitter; Hope Neale is found soon safe and well
  9. Not just here, I've been over to Police Oracle forums too :biggrin:
  10. Well, my eyes have been opened to the fact that there are other police related forums on the internet! Who am I? I am Rocket (MK11 on here as someone else beat me to the username!) Once I've reached the 10 posts I think I can update my profile with some more info, I also need to get my serving officer ribbon here and need to provide the proof for that. I have been reading your forum for a while and registered today to join in with you all. So, hello!