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  1. You are funny morek54 :bye:this did make me laugh. True tho xx
  2. Totally agree.
  3. The public should be polite to the police too.
  4. Krispy Kremes
  5. I think it shows that the police are human beings at the end of the day who like a laugh and a joke. A good public relations exercise. There is a time and a place of course.
  6. Ha ha ha ha ha
  7. It is a real shame that facebook is not monitored more.
  8. What about a good pair of shiny flip
  9. I feel so sorry for Constable E7, I hope his family, friends and colleages all rally round and support him. He was only doing his job.
  10. Just wanted to mention that I appreciate you all and I feel safer when I see bobbies on the street and the police cars and vans driving about. So from a member of Joe Public a huge THANK YOU for keeping people safe, and doing a good job.
  11. I think whenever you call a gas company the calls are recorded for monitoring and training purposes o if this is the case you can prove that it has not been you making the adjustments. I am not legally trained this thought just popped into my head.
  12. I am wordless, seriously if she forget (yeah right like I really believe her, what a load of rubbish) her conviction for theft what else is she capable of forgetting. Would love to see her give evidence in Court as a Police Officer and a good Defence Barrister rip her evidence to shreds (well she might have forgotten something LOL). This made me laugh, but not in a good way. I hope the Met stand their ground and wins (and make her pay the court costs) "outrageous"
  13. you are most welcome :))))
  14. Hellooooooooooooooooooooo