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  1. Getting Ready For Tulliallan

    It's was season 2, think it was episode 4. There is someone on YouTube that has it but it says it's not available in this country. Bummer.
  2. Getting Ready For Tulliallan

    Yep what Scottiedog said. Approximately 1430 finish until you go on to the early timetable about week 6 which is a bit earlier. Workload gradually increases, getting stuck in to the legislation now. Trying to learn all the different sections is doing my head in lol. Just need to make time each night.
  3. Getting Ready For Tulliallan

    It's not too bad tbh we've had two random room inspections, two informal uniform inspections which aren't too much to worry about and 1 formal inspection which is a bit more nerve racking. I've just finished week 5. You do have to divvy up your time each night though. A bit of kit, a bit of fitness and a bit of study. So you never really stop. Hope that helps.
  4. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    First day at Fife Constabulary was really good. Never stopped and spent the evening ironing and polishing. Good times.
  5. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    That's me all organised for tomorrow too. Busy week ahead getting ready for Tulliallan next week. See you all there.
  6. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    I'm starting at Fife but really interested to hear what folk say as I have the exact same question.
  7. Problem bulling parade shoes

    I'm bald... Haha! As it is, I'm gonna have to explain to my room mate why I've got straighteners when I get to Tulliallan
  8. Problem bulling parade shoes

    I had to look it up! Thought how the hell do cherries help.... haha
  9. Problem bulling parade shoes

    Haha yeah. I figured locking him in the dog kennel would be the best bet.... I used 1000grit wet & dry. I was worried the sandpaper I had wasn't fine enough. I probably would've used it if I didn't have any wet & dry left though. I must be getting the hang of it though as it didn't take half as much time to get them bulled. I'm at HQ for induction on Monday so glad it's sorted.
  10. Problem bulling parade shoes

    The sandpaper worked a treat. Thank you both.
  11. Problem bulling parade shoes

    He sounds like a barrel of laughs! I guess you never did that again though.....
  12. Problem bulling parade shoes

    Thanks folks. Think I've got some wet n dry in the garage.
  13. Problem bulling parade shoes

    Thanks Bart. Have got sandpaper. Is there any more to stripping them? Angie, yes they are leather. Cheapo Asda leather but still leather haha
  14. Problem bulling parade shoes

    Hi, and no but I forgot to mention that there was a scratch in it (the joys of a 17 month old boy running around the place). So I heated a teaspoon to melt some of the polish. I've done it before so didn't see a problem but I guess that's what has caused it... need to know if it can be fixed.