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  1. I had my laptop seized, and phone , I called 101 and they were most helpful at having it returned
  2. Voluntary Interview

    Don't volunteer for anything iits a voluntary request, that can be used as evidence. Best see a solicitor be on the safe side.
  3. Hi what shows on a standard disclosure check, do police cautions do fixed penalty tickets thanks
  4. Resolved: seized property

    i think in my op i asked a specific question ,nothing more
  5. Resolved: seized property

    Hi thanks for all your help and advice ,well most of you. I have had my laptop and phone returned I did have a letter stating NFA But this is what happened ,four police officers banged on my door around 9pm when i opened up ,they had a ram to put the door through . I was told i was to be arrested for an asb of leaving a like comment on a neighbours facebook page,the officers went through all my paperwork,two were plain clothed,two uniformed ,nothing untoward was found ,but they seized my laptop and phone ,which was returned today. I feel this entry was a bit extreme for a alleged like comment on facebook, correct me if you feel otherwise ?
  6. Resolved: seized property

    and another,you dont know the story ,so best not give your oppinion I know what happened why is it some people on here give valued advice and people as you ,i am sure have nothing better to do than ridicule ,or try to ,genuine peoples questions
  7. Resolved: seized property

    always one, i raised a question and got a sensible answer,not from you though,if you cant supply a reasonable reply best reply with nothing
  8. Two months ago I was raided by 4 police for an alleged facebook comment, had my laptop and phone seized, I know a neighbour had informed the police also that I may be harbouring something mor sinister behind my door, I dont know possibly drugs, a millatant or maybe a something of that nature, they came at 9pm the two plainclothes officers had a quick and were quite satisfied there was nothing untoward and left. The two uniformed officers told me I was to be arrested for comments left on facebook , to cut a long story short they took my laptop and mobile phone. I was bailed for two months and after two months yesterday I was informed NFA to be taken, however I would like my property back how do I do this ?
  9. Hi If I have been commited of fraud in the past, can I be used as a police witness
  10. trial

    Thank you
  11. trial

    Oh what would they be arguing about .? And who would be arguing with who ?
  12. Does anybody know what a "pre trial advice case " is a on a bail form Thanks in advance
  13. Does anbody know what a "pre trial advice case " is as printed on a bail sheet. Thanks in advance
  14. is there a time limit

    For example I got stopped for shoplifting and bailed because of lack of evidence is there a time span that you have to be charged within or could it be a year later . I have not been stopped at all just a thought between two of us
  15. If a person is arrested of a crime and released on bail to return at a later date , is there a time between being arrested and being charged Thanks in advance