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  1. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    It's bizarre, I would have thought anything would have showed up. I didn't even know I had been chargedthat's the thing.It was 13 years ago as well, wrong place wrong time type thing. Gutted but thankfully my current work were more than happytop keep me on
  2. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    Got some absolutely devastating news today that I had failed vetting due to something13 years ago so won't be starting on Monday after all. Talk about them leaving it late though. Going to see if I can appeal it but doubtful to be honest so need to wait a year I think. It's something I want even aware of either which makes it worse :-( All the very best to you all!
  3. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    Right, called Tulliallan earlier- You dont need to bull your boots and shoes (if you have or can great but we get uniform care training on day 2) We are advised to go between 6 and 7 on the Sunday if going then We wear casual clothes at nights, no team colours obviously but jeans and trainers ok
  4. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    I'll give jackton a shout tomorrow to put my mind at ease!lol
  5. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    Think I might leave it in that case so they can show me the proper technique. Might even call tomorrow to double check as don't want to be the only person there that hasn't done it lol Also outwith class times I assume we still wear uniform if going anywhere on site? So many questions but don't want to miss something obvious out!
  6. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    Just not sure with the wording if its something thats taught to you as part of your induction? Did you break them in before polishing them by the way?
  7. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    pink coop, had you bulled your boots and shoes before going? Im reading the joining instructions and it says to bring boots capable of being bulled along with obviously all the kit to do it but was wondering if thats something thats shown to you as part of your care of uniform etc as it doesnt say do this prior to going?
  8. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    Also, is it easily accessed from public transport as the place looks massive? Closest bus is 15 mins walk away at kincardine
  9. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    Going to go up on the Sunday night, the wifes going to give me a lift up and will probably go up the sunday every week. Just need to suss out the public transport and how to actually get in on foot from the bus etc as the mrs needs the car for work just now. Just ordered boots and shoes today so will be next week before the polishing starts! What boots did you go for? I ordered a pair of magnum panther side zip ones that seem pretty decent
  10. Police Scotland January 13th intake

    Hows everybody getting on preparing for this? Ive just bought pretty much everything on the list this morning thats needed
  11. Police Scotland Final Fitness 19/12/13

    Yeah liking forward to it although I don't get back from Prague until late the night before so need to make sure I'm sensible that day!!Did you go to govan to get it done?was it easy to find?
  12. Police Scotland Final Fitness 19/12/13

    Got a phone call this morning to ask if I could make the Jan weren't too happy at me leaving before finishing my notice but they basically said they can't stop me from leaving after getting the scare tactics to keep me etc but all good. Finished today to finish until after Christmas and off to page tomorrow for a few days then uniform fitting Christmas eve!! Exciting stuff and a lot to do!
  13. Police Scotland Final Fitness 19/12/13

    yeah its looking that way but if its a start date beginning fo feb then most people would have 1 months notice. They did also say they would be out sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed!! NMC, everybody there passed thankfully
  14. Police Scotland Final Fitness 19/12/13

    also wouldnt worry about it being cold or icy and not getting the run, i was up when it was freezing and they just put salt on the icy bits :-)
  15. Police Scotland Final Fitness 19/12/13

    Yeah ill be strathclyde legacy Finish up for Christmas on Thursday and was hopeing to have found out before then but just need to have a bit of patience