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  1. Hello folks, first post on here but been having a look around for a couple of weeks. I have an application in with Grampian at the moment (sent off end of Dec) and still waiting to hear back on whether or not I have passed the 'sift'. That in itself is not really a concern for me at the moment as I realise the periods of time that can be involved whilst applying for the Police. Right, enough preamble, my question is this: Does anybody know what the process is going to be for those that have applied for Grampian, and as is most likely going to be the case in my instance, not have completed the selection process prior to the force amalgamation on 1 April 13? As far as I can see Grampian are the only force still recruiting and I am just more curious than anything as to why they are still recruiting this close to the amalgamation and what is going to happen to the candidate applications that are being processed post amalgamation? I realise that there may not be any complete answer forthcoming with this but any information would be welcome. Another reason I am asking of course is to see if there is anybody else in this situation so we can perhaps 'exchange notes'!? Cheers, SB.