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  1. Joining the Job > Do You Qualify?

    Hey everybody I'm 20 years old, 21 in February. I'm epileptic but haven't had a seizure in well over a year, to put it into perspective I used to have one every 6months-ish. As I said though, I haven't had one in over a year due to the new medication I've been put on which controls it brilliantly. I have no other health problems, my eyesight is top notch. Do you think I'd be at all considered or is a definite no-no due to the epilepsy?
  2. Health Problem

    Sorry guys, realized I should of posted this in a different place. Apologies
  3. Health Problem

    Just a quick question this one, I've got epilepsy, but it's been well over a year since I've had one. (When I was much younger I'd have one every 6months) The medication I'm on controls it brilliantly! I know that it's very hard to get in if you have epilepsy, but due to my circumstances do you think I have a chance?
  4. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    I'm going to be applying! I was just coming on the forum to see if anybody knew when the recruiting process starts, because I read that they don't update their websites very often. (All forces) I don't live in Nottinghamshire but will obviously re-locate if all goes well! Pretty excited for this.