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  1. As for WHY it takes 48 hours to be able to block someone you unblocked, I'd assume it's because when you block someone, you can't actually see your Facebook either. So I assume the Facebook team wants to prevent people from abusing the system and unblock and block people continually just to send them abusive messages between doing so. It's not unusual for websites to put a limit on things like changing names, disabling/re-enabling accounts, etc. We always have to keep in mind the number of people who will abuse these options if they are readily available all the time. In the OP's case, it's unfortunate but generally, I'd like to think that when you unblock someone, you don't very often have a reason to add them to your block list again immediately. Unless you purposely act like a fool.
  2. It confuses me as well. I've asked several police officers and some say it won't show up, some say it might, others say it definitely will on a enhanced one. I too am confused because I was told that whatever my ex has claimed are merely allegations and that they aren't going to be investigated, but yet at the same time they told me this will stay on record. Forever. It seems a little strange to me that mere allegations which I can partly prove are lies (although nobody cares because again, they are only allegations) are going to stay on some record. This whole thing is doing my head in.
  3. I wish I knew what exactly it says on my CRB. I don't even live in the UK but as I have written in this forum almost two months ago, my ex accused me of things and I received a PIN. I'm still not entirely sure if this will show on a CRB, and each time I think about it I cringe on the inside. I've had plans to move to the UK once I finish my degree (MA), but since my ex did that I've started to bury my plans since I'm worried I'll be struggling to find a job because he, for whatever reasons, decided to lie to the police about me. I guess I could explain the situation to future employers, but would they believe me? Would they even give me a chance to explain and not rather pick someone who doesn't have a thing on her/his CRB? Like I said, I'm not entirely sure if anything will show, but I still can't believe that my plans to move to the UK have been destroyed because my ex lied about me. I've been planning my move for ages, even way before I met my ex, and now, because I made the mistake to get involved with the wrong person, it seems like I can't live my life the way I wanted. It's a terrible feeling when one little mistake can jeopardise your entire future. Sorry, don't have much to add to the discussion but I can relate to people who feel numb because of some silly entry on their CRB.
  4. I realise this discussion isn't totally recent so this might be redundant, but I just wanted to say if you unblock someone on Facebook, you cannot block them again for 48 hours. You get the following message: "Block failed: Sorry, it’s too soon to add this person back to your Block List. You’ll be able to complete this action once 48 hours have passed since you removed this person from your Block List." If I were the OP I would have disabled my Facebook for 48 hours, and then blocked the sister again. Hope the situation worked itself out for her.
  5. I should add that I've gotten the same PIN in the mail on Thursday, guess it took a while to reach mainland Europe. In the future, I shall stay away from horrible and petty people. I realise that I could get a PIN (or whatever the equivalent is in my country) to him as well. But the problem is that I'm not petty, and I'd gain no satisfaction out of it. On the contrary, it would probably make me feel a bit like an idiot. Oh well, thanks for all the help and information!
  6. That might be correct. However, I think that even just sending this PIN via email was fairly inappropriate. After all, they have my address (it was in the email), and hence it would take one second to find my phone number and speak to me about this. But most of all, I think it's just sad that this was even given any significance. I live in a different country, how much can I harass this person? I mean honestly, if he feels harassed by an occasional friendly email, he can block me. The funny thing is that I was in London visting friends a few weeks ago, surely if I was this horrible person I would have stood outside his window and hurled abuse at him. Which I did not. Didn't even go near his house. I'm surprised he didn't make that up though. Like the other things. What irks me is that someone who lacks any sort of social skills or manners is given the satisfaction of the police taking him seriously. I know it's not your job to educate people and to teach them manners, but how hard would it have been to send a short note saying: "I changed my mind about wanting to be friends with you. I've found a new partner and would rather not be in touch. I'm ok so don't worry about me. Take care" to me. But no, he decided to have this PIN issued and used the police as a messenger like a true coward. I think that this is actually abusing the police, as I'm sure you have better and more urgent matters on the agenda. Also, please understand that I understand that you're merely doing your job according to the guidelines and rules that you receive. Therefore, I am not attacking or criticising anyone on here. It's not your fault that some people are horrible. I'm simply perplexed that things like this can happen and that this individual turned out to be vengeful for no reason whatsoever.
  7. "and then getting the suspect's side of the story": I don't know if the UK police generally does that, it was not done in my case. I was presented with hideously false allegations and a warning to not do what I haven't even done to begin with. One of the things was that I supposedly sent over 50 text messages. I wonder if it was enough for my ex-partner to claim that, or if they actually asked to see those text messages? Because thanks to my phone company listing every single text message that has ever left my phone with the date and time it was sent, I have evidence that I have not sent even close to 50 text messages to this liar.
  8. Send them back to the person who has brought them in? But yes, I was thinking it's a bit strange if you guys keep all the material these "victims" bring in. Who has that much space, and who really cares about some nice letter (as it was in my case) being sent to a petty person. On a side note, it's a good thing I'm not a police officer because if someone came in with a letter like the one I'm talking about and cried "I'm being harassed" I'd probably laugh and tell him to grow up, throw the letter away or burn it if that brings more satisfaction, return it to the sender, or just generally get a life.
  9. I can't seem to figure out how the quote function works on here. "no recordings or evidence are held at a police station, other than the electronic report. We dont want to clutter up the station with such pointless things." This is not what I have been told. I have been told the following: "All of these [emails and one handwritten letter] have been seen by Surrey Police and seized as exhibits." I have also been told that my case is being dealt on the lowest level possible, so if they do that in my case, I find it hard to imagine it's not being done in other cases as well.
  10. Years ago, when I was visiting my cousin in the US, I used to think it's quite sad how little it takes for people to get into trouble for basically nothing. I remember one time when we went to a mall, a guy was waiting near the restrooms. I didn't think anything of it, to be honest, I didn't even notice him. But my cousin felt harassed, even though he was merely standing there, probably waiting for someone, perhaps his wife, or maybe his daughter. So my cousin looked for a mall security person and had him taken away. I was quite shocked, and felt sorry for that man. I am sad to see that this sort of behaviour is now normal over here as well. That people who are paranoid can go to the police with either no or fabricated evidence, and get another person into at least an uncomfortable situation. Now that this has happened to me and I researched extensively, I have read many stories like mine, and it's quite unbelievable. Even if nobody is the victim (although it's been stated it might show up on a background check, which is pretty much victimising someone who has not even been convicted or given a chance to explain/defend) this seems to be getting out of hand because it seems to happen more and more frequently. In my opinion, every single person who goes to the police to file for "harassment" should be asked the following question: "have you actually told this person that you do not wish to hear from them?". If the answer is not a clear "yes", they should be advised to stop being childish and petty, go home and inform the person. Problem most likely solved.
  11. But yet false material is associated with my name. I don't care if the things I did send are associated with my name as I have sent nothing abusive or threatening. But I do care if false material (such as the fictional emails I have sent to his partner) are associated with my name. All of these things are in some folder with my identity, and it's a bit strange that I don't even get a chance to defend myself. I know it might be trivial when you're not affected yourself, but to those of us who have been accused falsely this is a nightmare. As for not choosing horrendous people as friends and partners: sadly, in most cases, it seems you don't know they're horrendous until it's too late.
  12. So that means that the police station in question is in possession of material my ex-partner has left with them - material that was supposedly sent by me. Material that is associated with my name and with my address. And I don't even have a right to see those things? I am sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous. What is this world coming to.
  13. I assume I have received this via email because I do not live in the UK. I have to admit that at first I thought it was some fake email from someone. I guess I have acknowledged receipt by responding. It mainly said that there are allegations that I have sent so and so many emails and text messages to my ex-partner and his current partner, and that these have all been unwanted by him (funny he never actually told me that), and that if I continue to contact him or his partner, things will go further. It furthermore stated that the evidence which he has provided will be kept locally, and that a report has been made. I would love to see what I have supposedly sent, specifically to his partner. So much nonsense that my head is spinning. I'm actually waiting for someone to poke me and say this is all just a big joke.
  14. It's a fairly long email, and I am not sure if I am allowed to talk about it on here. It basically says that my ex-partner has filed a report against me and that the allegation is that I have sent emails and text messages to him and his partner over a certain period. It does state that this is treated on the lowest level, and I am asked to stop the behaviour and not contact him or his partner again (which I have never done in the first place). I once again want to state that I am absolutely disgusted with how my ex-partner has handled the situation. He has not once told me that he does not wish to hear from me, and has been in contact with me well after the time he claims I have started to "harass" him. It also irks me that I don't even have a chance to defend myself, or to view the "evidence". I find it quite unbelievable that he can so easily give me a bad reputation and misrepresent things, and I just have to sit here and tolerate it. I cannot even tell him or ask him what on earth he is talking about as I guess that is now "harassment", I've tried to explain to the police but it doesn't seem like they care a lot. I understand it's not a big issue to others, but it is to me because this guy has disrespected me and used my friendship for as long as it was convenient, and then filed a report against me. If there is a victim in this whole scenario, it is me, and yet he gets away with his petty and immature behaviour.
  15. Ok, thank you for your help. It still irks me that he is making things up and getting away with it. Anyway, I guess I'll take a close look at people I let into my life in the future.