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  1. loud exhaust noise levels

    not all car clubs are though and my one is a national one which also has some officers as actual members too.. there will obviously be members who as individuals may drive without due care etc... but the club cant be held responsible for that if their out on their own. But in my club there is several track days organised up and down the country from kames and knockhill all the way down to castle combe and oulton park. And when on club meets and events etc everyone is expected by the organisers to drive with care and respect as it reflects on the club . Anyone who doesnt gets banned from the club and forum and online side . Its not about dr8vinf as fast as possible on public roads its more about enjoying the roads and the drive as a group. unlike a certain other club i signed up to which just seemed to be full of boy racers so to speak who thot it was a good idea to drive bad on public roads in excess speeds and dodgey manouvers. Its safe to say i havent been to one of their evenets or meets and havent paid to be a member.
  2. loud exhaust noise levels

    the nur spec type R especialy when fitted to a straight through system on a subaru defo makes it louder . We would be talk in the 100+ decibles range. And even some racing circuits when doing track days wont let you on because their too loud.
  3. loud exhaust noise levels

    would this also apply in scotland im guesing then seeing how it would be national regulations?
  4. loud exhaust noise levels

    Thanks for the info.. like i said not my car so not fussed about it haha. Do know some people who remap their engine for bigger bhp also require a change in exhaust for better flow which can result in louder noise but its not done deliberate to make the louder noise its just needed.
  5. loud exhaust noise levels

    Hey folks. just wondering what the rules or regs and if there is any powers regard8ng loud exhausts and complaints with cars. example being if i had a decated system with a nur spec back box which iw prety loud and i was leaving my street for work or going out and someone complained about the noise . Whats the legal concerns or powers of what could be done. as far as im aware the police used to have the abilty to impound or asbo someone if they recieve 2 seperate complaints about same motor for same reason but dont know if they still can . Or would it fall down to if the system is legal to pass an m.o.t Only reason i ask isnt for myself but it popped up on a car forum im on. So thought i would ask here
  6. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Had my FPI in feb. Got my medical a couple weeks later start of march. Then i had my uniform fitting end of march start of april cant remember which. It was the day before drB as we chatted about it. Havent heard anything else except a standard automated email to all candidates about the fitness test being 1.5mile run .no date or anything. going by 3 other people ive chatted to who are in the same position as me .they have heard itl be more likely to be sept intake . I had also heard potentialy july /sept. And this was with L&B before it changed.
  7. the good old protruding wheel issue

    im not a cop but as far as im aware the wheels cant go out past the arches as they could catch someone/injure them . same i believe goes with exhausts cant go to far out past the back of the car as small child could touch and get burnt as obviously the metal heats up.. i could be wrong obviously but sure someone will inform you or gove their two pence worth. tell him to get a wide arch kit on his motor to cover the wheels ;-)
  8. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    had my FPI in january and my medical in feb, just had my uniform fitting on tuesday , and im in the second lot of the pool as i was told at my FPI . think i was number 43 of who had passed. strange if you had yours in november and not had anything
  9. Uniform fitting

    Im just going by what my recruitment officer said after final interview, that i could be looking at the end of may/june ,maybe even july as a couple intakes got cancled and moved back.. so im hoping june or later part , gives me more time to get my cardio up and back on track.. had realy sore knees lately because standing for 10-11 hours at work with only a 30 min rest , so joints feel sore and not been wanting to run with sore joints .. so hopefully get running back on track and ready for tulli as id rather only have to worry about the studying and learning side knowing my fitness is good and dont have to focus too much on it up there
  10. Uniform fitting

    yeah could be in the same intake possibly .. as you say i have my uniform fitting the day before you dr. you had anything about another fitness test at L&B? i havent realy been doing any strength training , never realy had any issues with strength and got up in the 100's for the push pull. I do keep a on top of it by just doing all free weights . its more my cardio and running i need to get on top of and keep on top off , i struggle for endurance and speed lol . strength training i just train as i always have , focusing on a different body part 5 times a week, or mix it up, mostly pyramid sets one week and then the other high reps with light weight. we all in ediburgh area then? im just at dalkeith , only been doing 20-30mins tredmil running , and the odd 5 mile run on the road but with a few starts and stops .
  11. if I am lucky enough to pass everything as a new recruit when i start . i would eventualy like to get into the road traffic side of the policing thats wher emy intrest lies in . i love driving, every aspect of it. love motor sport and love cars in general . so natural for me to want to aim to try and get into that side of police force . I know its not all racing about for location to location or high speed chases etc theres serious incidents you have to attend , crashes but i gues whatever unit you go into or get put into theres going to be good and bad points about it
  12. The Police - it's really not a job worth doing

    I havent started yet and waiting for a start date, but after being in the same job for 13 years ,working my way up to manager and being a company trainer too , my yearly salary is still less than what the minimum starting wage is for a officer. im not regarded as a person just a number . i still try to do my job to the best of my ability and do just shy of 50hours per week , ive went from leading a team of 13 people now down to 6 members of staff including myself and im still expected to get the same figures and sales as i did when i had a full sqaud. ive been told that the staf will not be replaced and im more of a worker than a manager where i dont get a chance to do the job i actualy meant to do . my brain switches off and i just go into autopilot mode .theres no challenge anymore . this is a national company and one of the top 4 competitors in its industry , yet im working with equipment thats over 13 years old and breaks down constantly .. the way i see it you can only P### with the C### youve got and you could be sure that the only time i get support is when one of the board of directors is in the region paying visits , then the senior team seem to take notice, other than that im left to get on with it . so before you do anythin rash , just remeber you have the chance of somethign different every day and chained down doing the same repetative task day in day out over and over and over and over again . and theres someone worse of than yourself .
  13. amature magician carrying lock picks to practice on my magic routine .. ?