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  1. if I am lucky enough to pass everything as a new recruit when i start . i would eventualy like to get into the road traffic side of the policing thats wher emy intrest lies in . i love driving, every aspect of it. love motor sport and love cars in general . so natural for me to want to aim to try and get into that side of police force . I know its not all racing about for location to location or high speed chases etc theres serious incidents you have to attend , crashes but i gues whatever unit you go into or get put into theres going to be good and bad points about it
  2. I havent started yet and waiting for a start date, but after being in the same job for 13 years ,working my way up to manager and being a company trainer too , my yearly salary is still less than what the minimum starting wage is for a officer. im not regarded as a person just a number . i still try to do my job to the best of my ability and do just shy of 50hours per week , ive went from leading a team of 13 people now down to 6 members of staff including myself and im still expected to get the same figures and sales as i did when i had a full sqaud. ive been told that the staf will not be replaced and im more of a worker than a manager where i dont get a chance to do the job i actualy meant to do . my brain switches off and i just go into autopilot mode .theres no challenge anymore . this is a national company and one of the top 4 competitors in its industry , yet im working with equipment thats over 13 years old and breaks down constantly .. the way i see it you can only P### with the C### youve got and you could be sure that the only time i get support is when one of the board of directors is in the region paying visits , then the senior team seem to take notice, other than that im left to get on with it . so before you do anythin rash , just remeber you have the chance of somethign different every day and chained down doing the same repetative task day in day out over and over and over and over again . and theres someone worse of than yourself .
  3. amature magician carrying lock picks to practice on my magic routine .. ?
  4. yeah my writing was shocking , and from roughly what a friend told me who had sat it a few months before me , what he got was completely different form what i got . and there isnt anything i found that was similar . i think they look for more how you answer and your thinking behind your answer with the explinations behind your answers , so just try to be logical and dont worry or panic if people finish before you , because i didnt finish or answer them all , its more qaulity of answer id say than the qauntity , hope that helps
  5. i think it may be different with each group mate to be honest , im sure i read somewhere they change them every few months so people cant tell you answers etc . My one was just loads of scenario based ones and then had to put down what answers i thot suited and a brief description why . , theres nothing multiple choice , just lots to read in a short time .
  6. not realy any preperation you can do for the paperwork part , as theres no way of practice papers or revising for it in my honest opinion anyway , its just a case of when i got there trying what i thot was best and putting the answers in the possible way i could
  7. ah ok. thanos for the info. I was panicing there and i havent even passed everything yet lol Think id be realy nervous aswel on my first day on my own depending what i got called too
  8. is it only 12 weeks with a collegue then you get left on your own?
  9. subaru impreza wrx sti type uk - round about 260bhp , 0-60mph in just over 5 seconds and 0-100mph in just over 9 seconds , limited to 155mph
  10. aye its lothian aborders.. yeah it seems pike forever and only been a couple weeks . just keen to get on with things. gues it gives me more time to work on my running i suppose . cheers for the replys folks good luck gem with the bleep test
  11. mind if i ask you ladys how long it took to hear bavk after passing the assesment centre day ? mines seems to be taking forever .. i heard i passed the assesment day the next day by email . but nothing since.. just had a couple emails to sort out details for the wifes name changing from her maiden to my nake as we got married after the application.
  12. loving your wee convo's lady's , just spent the past 30 mins going through your entire post , good luck up there !!
  13. ahh nice lotus, small fast and handle well , seen my fare share of them . i have a wrx sti impreza so thats what its used for . only standard so kicks out around 260bhp and will do 0-60 in about 5 seconds and up to 100mph in about 10secs. not the fastest but it suits me
  14. track days at knockhill or kames which is a short sprint circuit. also went down to oulton park in england but didnt do any trackday there as i went to watch the racing and it was a motor show on. but any circuit usualy holds track days and have days where you can take your own car on track. what car is it you have ?
  15. Hi all I'm new here im a 30 year old male from edinburgh and currently working through my police application process with lothian and borders police force. I have my assessment day at the end of january which is part the reason for signing up here to learn more . I have always had a keen intrest in policing in the community and i deal face to face with the public on a daily basis in my current job. My father worked for lothian and borders police for over 15 years as a police traffic warden and my mother also worked at the force headqaurters so ive grew up around police ( family friends and storys of the police ) and that has had a positive effect on my life with some good advice from officers at a young age which im hoping if succesful then i could help and inspire youngsters as i was inspired myself. i enjoy most sports but dont take part in as much as id like to due to shifts at work , but i do enjoy attending the gym and out running. i also enjoy motorsport especialy rallying and take part in various track days and events prefering to get my thrill of speed on the track where its safe. anyway i look forward to browsing the forum and learning more . thanks paul