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  1. Next Intake

    Hello, Yeah I'm still working I don't finish until the 1st so am trying to get as much in as I can at the moment. But like you I will be really focusing on constantly between finishing work at the start date.
  2. Next Intake

    Hey guys, have any of you heard anything from hr yet? I can't wait to get the final confirmation so I can hand my notice in Hope all is well
  3. Next Intake

    Been in the pool since August 2012. The interview is good, you will be fine I really enjoyed mine Good luck
  4. Next Intake

    Yeah I did to so that's nice to know. If you fancy keeping in contact before intake my email is Be nice to kind of know someone :)
  5. Next Intake

    Exactly the same lol
  6. Next Intake

    I went to Plymouth uni graduated in 2010 did criminology and criminal justice studies with psychogy. How old you both and u guys, guys or women lol
  7. Next Intake

    From portsmouth, but will be moving up there this summer though. Was just waiting to here until moved. How long u been waiting? X
  8. Next Intake

    Yeah just waiting for references. Are you both from surrey then? I can't wait to start
  9. Next Intake

    Hi, yeah I did to :) Can't wait