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  1. Norfolk Application

    Yep me too, I think there was only that round of recruitment in Sept/Oct. I only chased them up once, relatively recently, and they were still marking applications just before they rang about the assessment centre. So few forces recruit now that they were probably inundated with applications, way over the number required. Good luck.
  2. Norfolk Application

    I went for the afternoon. I live in London so can see several long drives ahead (if all goes well). Norfolk happened to be hiring and I have mates up there so moving isn't too much of an issue if successful. Never had to go through the process before so exciting / nerve wracking time ahead! Good luck!
  3. Norfolk Application

    Cheers, congrats to you too by the looks of things. Yep went for valentines day (that will keep the missus happy)!
  4. Norfolk Application

    Also got a call today confirming assessment centre in Feb, that's why I've been reading through this website all morning researching what happens next!