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  1. Hi Trooper, Does this advice apply to initial or final interviews and is it applicable to england and wales only? Thanks
  2. yay thank you DizzyDee!
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm currently waiting on vetting for Strathclyde and in my initial interview was unable to answer a few questions entirley and so I have been studying so that I can answer all of these if (fingers crossed) I get to the final interview. One of the questions was to name all of the division Letters and their corrosponding areas, I could only name a few which I had got from another applicant before such as H-traffic or training??, Q- south Lanarkshire (think thats right dont have my notes!) anyway I have been unable to find a comprehensive list, does anyone know them for definate or even better have the link to a list for me! I would be really grateful as the list I found that someone had posted seemed really short Thanks Guys