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  1. Final Interview

    thanks claire 19855 that has made me worry less! how is it going 6 months in, do you get good support for your distance learning and on the job learning? I am currently trying to make sure i know all the divisions and probation periods timetable, whilst also making notes on possible answers for questions based on the strathclyde websites 'role of a police officer' and the section dealing the demands of the job and required personal attributes. Is there anything else i can or should be doing? cant believe its D day in 9 days so nervous!
  2. Final Interview

    hi Gjabaggioare you in strathclyde then? or a scottish force and how does the guy with full sleeves deal with the fact that they have only t-shirts and no long sleeved tops or aee you not expected to cover your arms?my sleeve is colour and i worry that that means it is 'garish' but it is not offensive in anyway thanks for the reply : ) its good to know other officers have sleeves (of the tattoo) kind as the wince that people do when i sqay i want to be in the police and then they look at my arm has been worrying me for months! lol
  3. Final Interview

    Hi everyone, I've seen the good tips offered by dizzy for final interview which I have coming up on 14th march and am studying But I have a huge fear and I wanted to see if people thought its valid or just me panicking, basically I have a full sleeve on my right arm and some small stars tattooed on my neck, now obviously they know about these ref my application for and they have seen them in initial where I said I would laser off the stars and the intervier said I could wear long sleeved top but I am terrified that the top dogs will reject me because of them, would I have even got to final if this was to happen? Thanks guys
  4. Hi, I have just been given my final interview date for Strathclyde police *whoop* anyone out there who has just completed this? How did it go?, What did they ask? etc the more information the better any insight would be great Thanks
  5. Tips for your Interview!

    Hi Trooper, Does this advice apply to initial or final interviews and is it applicable to england and wales only? Thanks
  6. next intake date

    oh yeah so you did sorry my bad! that will teach me for reading emails on my phone lol
  7. next intake date

    Congratulations! good luck for your interview! I asked in the interview what the final fitness test was and they said its the same as the initial, either the run or the bleep test its just to check you havent got unfit since the first one
  8. Hi George let me know how it goes I'm currently sitting in the vetting stage for strathclyde, I have the same concerns as you having been pulled over quite a few times by the police although nothing ever coming of it apart from a fixed penalty for not wearing my seatbelt. I disclosed all of mine but I'm living in fear that I am unaware or have forgotten about something! anyway if we are both successful I might see you on the next intake as they are telling us all that we will be put in a 150 person holding pool till after the 1st april. Before you go for your interview make sure you know about the 10 diversity types, all of the training info e.g. tulliallen etc and the modules in the first section and make sure you visit your adopted police station they are really helpful!
  9. strathclyde divisions

    yay thank you DizzyDee!
  10. vetting

    Hi Pud I have just recently called them to let them know that I had all my P45's, P60's and first payslips etc. from the bust company and they said to send the information to them which I have done, unfortuanlty they didnt put me through to the vetting department so I couldn't get a cheeky insight into my progress but never mind. I have sent the information in last week so hopefully brownie points and a bit of accelerated vetting for me! thanks for the reply : 0 )
  11. strathclyde divisions

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently waiting on vetting for Strathclyde and in my initial interview was unable to answer a few questions entirley and so I have been studying so that I can answer all of these if (fingers crossed) I get to the final interview. One of the questions was to name all of the division Letters and their corrosponding areas, I could only name a few which I had got from another applicant before such as H-traffic or training??, Q- south Lanarkshire (think thats right dont have my notes!) anyway I have been unable to find a comprehensive list, does anyone know them for definate or even better have the link to a list for me! I would be really grateful as the list I found that someone had posted seemed really short Thanks Guys
  12. vetting

    there seems to be no real time frame then but Strathclyde seemt to be taking between 9-11 weeks from what you have all said, Pinkcoop88 I'm hoping its not harder to get into now also! but I know have been told that if I am successful I would be put in the holding pool to wait unitll after Police Scotland has been sorted some time after April 1st, I dont mind waiting for my start date as Iv'e got to get the last bit of uni out the way first so the holding pool would be good for me but I would love to just know if I was in or not so I could relax! as I'm sure everyone knows no here its hard not to fixate on something when you want it so much! I think the postman thinks I'm strange as I have spent alot of time stood at the door already waiting for him over the past couple of months lol! anyway guess I better get comfy for a couple of months wait! tanks for your replies
  13. vetting

    Thanks for the replies guys, I have to be fair only been waiting a week so far but it feels like months! I think should it go beyond two months then I will ring up and see if there is anything causing a delay. congratulations to those of you who have recently got in!
  14. vetting

    Hi Everyone, I'm a hopeful who has not long recieved my 'you passed the initial interview and are now being vetted' letter from Strathclyde. I have just joined the site looking for some advice on the length of time vetting should take (I know it varies) but as a person who likes a bit of structure the waiting is painful : ) I have read on here that a few people have called the switchboard for an update and found that they have references causing delays. I am particulaly concerned about this as the company I worked for for four years around three years ago has gone completely bust and despite contacting their old parent company and ringing any phone numbers I could find on the net I have been unable to contact them. Should I call the switch board? any advice welcome. Thank you