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  1. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hey rampagejackson!hipe your first day was good!?mines was ace and actually couldn't wait to get out the lecture theatre to do the fitness test!!sooo not like me haha..anyway hope everyone's induction week is going good and will see yiu all on Monday!!eek!
  2. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hey all good luck tomorrow!!i start in Wednesday..nervous and excited..but more nervous I think!! Aye the bleep force sounds like a plan haha.. Right well..try get a good sleep if you're starting tomorrow!!:-)
  3. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hey Chris!!me too😬haha either that or ill just be borrowing your pegs!!🏃haha
  4. Tulliallan 25th February

    Sounds great Polly!!its nice when people make an effort when your leaving..I got loads if lovely cards and presents in my last day in wed.. I was told going skiing and being up high is great for you to do before a bleep as it boosts red blood cells and something to do with oxygen intake or something so you'll be jamming for your fitness! Enjoy the rest if your last day at work!😜
  5. Tulliallan 25th February

    Morning all..well it's bleep test time this morning for me!!😣hopefully it's not an epic fail!! PC Polly how are yiu feeling??hipe you're nearly back to normal.. Yeah it was a bit of a wait but totally worth it when yiu get the letter of appointment😃 Hope yiu all have a good morning..catch ya laters
  6. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hey Paul..yeah it depends in the force my vetting took a good few least I never heard anything from August till January so I think it just depends but don't be afraid to call and ask whats happening with your application as this shows yiu are keen and interested.. Good luck :-)
  7. Tulliallan 25th February

    This is true about sooo many different ways to can always spit!!haha..classy..I had a swatch on YouTube last week and watched a few vids..I actually lost a few hours I think!!pretty good actually seeing someone do it whilst they explain too.. Thanks efforts all I got!!haha there's some people at work and they are sooo fit and they eat and drink whatever they like and avoid exercise..I suppose at least my insides will be that of a thin fit person!!haha Right to work..and I don't quite know how to deal with the fact I get NO 3G!!??!!!itll be fine..I can manage :-0 Have a good day all :-)
  8. I would go to your nearest police station and talk to someone ASAP to get this problem fixed..good luck
  9. Young recruit - Police Scotland

    Nothing ventured nothing the end of the day your age is not a focus point for the interviewers its your answers that count and your experiences so far that you can use to show that you would be an asset to the force. Good luck :-)
  10. Tulliallan 25th February

    Seriously I'm sooo non-athletic I seriously dont want yiu guys thinking I'm a bolt cause running is a struggle but I have managed to get the 1.5 back to where it was initially for my fitness test :-) just the bleep now..which is the Bain of my life..anyhoo some of us have work in the morning ;-)
  11. Tulliallan 25th February

    Well my cousin..I've not heard from soooo I did my boots tonight and they are starting too look better!!I've PM'd you by the way.. My mates a cop and she has been doing my parade shoes as she's in night shift and is in the bar so has plenty if time..although I did buy her I think bulling my parades is ok..yeah I'm chuffed but mi d I was a bit slow to begin with so it's not like I've been shaving time off a decent's just getting a bit better..still scared of the bleep!!anyways hope your evening if bulling has been fine ;-) use hot water and cotton wool with the polish and don't press too hard :-)
  12. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hey Rox my run was ace and I've shaved 35 seconds off since Sunday!!i was a bit slow before so I'm better than my time I have to do the 1.5 In :-) I live yorkies!!can I have one!? Haha I'm alway tired these days tbh but think its just a mixture of nerves, running, working and trying to catch up with everyone before I leave!!so little time and so much to do!!
  13. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hahaha yeas Rox you's not good for your mental health not knowing who's messaging on here!! It's amazing!my mum has been snapping away like a paparazzi since I arrived at hers..I've finally got away and heading to mines to get my trainers and go a shattered but heard it might be the bleep on my induction and slightly BRICKING it!!please note I got changed into it at hers..I'm not like wearing it now or to lose your job before you actually start springs to mind..oh and there's 7of us another 2girls and 4boys :-)
  14. Tulliallan 25th February

    Well it feels real!!!i got all my uniform away with me too so need for sneaky snaps Lauren ;-) My mum will no doubt be wanting to see me in it..the hat felt a bit weird so I might need to change that but it might be fine..right I'm away to drive back up to glasvegas go a run then pack!!:-)
  15. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hey guys if I have my car that weekend (D&G usually bus us up) but obviously will be doing Edinburgh for my granda I can drop yiu off either glas or edin :-)