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  1. Stop focusing your ire on the women and the flexibility workers. They aren't the enemy
  2. I failed it. Had to take it on my return to work after 5 months maternity leave. The small percentage who failed probably had good reason ie injury, infirmity, very near retirement and never done the bleep before. Don't assume the worst of your colleagues
  3. 100% NFA The arrest was disposed of via Section 136. NOD and it was just a BOP in the 1st place... If someone is so mentally incapable of mens rea at the time (if there had been an offence) that they were sectioned, how on earth can they be IV'd over the incident 1) they prob won't remember the incident and 2) whats the point anyway its disposed of
  4. Culture shock in what way? Some Northern forces have very well respected forces and can teach the MET a thing or two, if that's what you mean... You do get female detectives who get dolled up, coiffured hair, pencil skirts and heels and the like, same way you get those who dress in trouser suits have boy-short hair and wear no make up, or those that turn up with baby sick down their unironed stretchy top... Just normal women. Banter in CID is the same as on the frontline. You would get the mick taken for being girly, being a swot, wearing a certain outfit, having a stinky egg sandwich etc etc just think school playground banter. There is no bullying due to sex, but there is an ingrained chivalrines which means that some of the gents still treat you like a doll (it's quite sweet really) Your character will be the new girl for quite a while until she proves herself, that'll be the biggest issue. The others wont know whether she is to be trusted at first, she might be a PSD Plant, she might go and snitch if they say some banter and she has no sense of humour &the others will already have their mates and like working with each other. IMO a DS wouldn't have a 'partner', the DC's may work in pairs but the DS will just turn up if the job is a bit unusual
  5. Jon, Its usually advertised in orders late August/early Sept :) No idea about video lecture for the OP though, sorry
  6. Your not a police officer

  7. Hey that 2nd edited word isn't swearing that's genuine vernacular for my force, how we saying 'cuff it off' to each other, in front of bosses etc
  8. Agreed, but there is a difference between thoroughly investigating and disposing off asap and ########### cos I can't be bothered arresting anyone (which is how I read Stewie's comment)
  9. Stewie stop being a #####. You might be a lazy twunt but don't tar us all with the same brush
  10. Nope the Pilkingtons were victims of serious and long term harassment I'm sorry you find my attitude appalling but I'm not into flippant criminalisation of people when there are alternative options. I think OP could contact his local officers and ask them to look into a possible pattern of false calls but as Simon has said its going to be pretty hard to prove if it's various different people reporting various different people to various different agencies
  11. Because its honest and warts n all. We are servants of the crown and police by consent. Surely the tax payer wants to know what it's like. Some MOPs think we aren't human, just uniformed robots, bullied at school with a superiority complex. If they can see that some of us are amused by a dildo just like they would be, it may make us more approachable. If we wanted to pretend to be superior or above any silly human reaction then fair do's it could be seen as embarrassing
  12. I was going to reply properly but can only suggest you report your serious and Organised school yard bitching to your local officers. Best way to counteract wasting police time by wasting a bit more police time
  13. Its just bullying so obviously not a police matter. However from a off-duty POV all you can do is be supportive to the victims of the bullying and maybe stand up to the bullies, tell them that you know what they are doing and what they are doing is wrong I thought this was about the Mafia from the title