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  1. Thanks you nigeltm: Good advice. Each day that passes confirms this direction as the right one - but when you have been living with this for years, it is so easy to look to yourself first (Is there more that I can do/should be doing?) I don't have too much opportunity to talk to others about my feelings and these experiences, which doesn't help when you are looking for some perspective (IE: She tells me its not that bad, I tell myself that it isn't) - I think i need to hear a few times that this really is totally unacceptable behaviour. I know my daughter is affected already. She has nightmares from time to time and she has started to ask me "Why does mummy get so angry all the time?" She is becoming scared to disagree with her mum, or she has a tantrum. One of those traights comes from mum, and the other from dad. It makes me very sad
  2. Thank you. This thought about recording has occurred to me before if only to remind her of the things she has done or said, which she frequently denies, but yes, I am worried that the courts and the law can only really act on provable facts than someone's word. As such a recording of this taking place might be useful. I worry about what she is capable of in terms of lies about any situation. she once shocked me by calling the police around to our house, admittedly after I had smoked "a little something calming" (sic). She called to report me for "doing drugs" around our daughter and wanted me arrested and locked up "as a punishment" for my behaviour. I have to add that the two policemen that called around in response to her complaint, dealt with the matter very helpfully. My partner was rather surprised and disappointed that they didn't cart me off there and then, but spent their time talking her down instead
  3. If it were that simple? We have a 6 yr old Daughter, who would almost certainly be taken to another country by her mother (Russian) if I left. I am concerned that if I left, my daughter's life would suffer without my guidance and involvement (not to mention the effect on me) I need to be certain that I have done everything I can, and that this is a last resort. In saying all that - I think I do know that the right answer is the one you have given?
  4. Hello, I would like to ask a question regarding what forms of action are reasonable in the following circumstance. When my wife becomes angry, which happens quite regularly, she will often demand that I keep talking to her until she has finished, no matter for how long a conversation/argument has already been, nor how late and/or tired I might be. This is happening an a daily basis at the moment. Say we have been talking or arguing for a couple of hours and he time reached 11am, I will often politely and calmly ask that we stop, and continue at a future time. She refuses, and continues, often with an increase in insults and anger. I ask again, it gets worse and I begin to feel myself feeling trapped and panicky. If I walk away, to another part of the house, she will follow and continue. If I try to go to bed, she will turn lights on and pull sheets back, and continue. If I get angry and raise my voice, she raises hers, and tends to threaten me (poking two fingers towards my eyes) suddenly but without contact If I try to leave the house, she will hide keys and stand in front of the door Once I got out of the house and to the car, but she stood in front of the it preventing me from leaving.. On many occasions I have felt like my only choice is to physically respond by pushing her out of the way, but I fear the situation might escalate further and she or I may lose control What would be a reasonable (lawful) course of action when this happens?