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  1. Hi, I will give you my honest opinion, I'm just about to complete my probation. The job is NOT what I expected in positive and negative ways. I am a single parent and joining the police has certainly been detrimental to my family life with rest days cancelled and then being re-rostered at a time which is inconvenient. Holidays are now given in blocks, so your time off is dictated. Sometimes it feels that the criminals we deal with have more human rights than us! However, my daughter does like the fact that some days I am at home when she finishes school (I was previously 9-5, Mon-Fri office job). Many times we are running low on cops to cover our area. Thankfully nothing has happened to jeopardise the public or our safety but it's always at the back of our mind. I have been very fortunate to have had two very good Sergeants who have been supportive and the team camaraderie is on a level that I have not experienced elsewhere. My colleagues very much make the job for me. I still go through stages where I wonder if the sacrifice I made to my family life has been worth it but I keep trying to convince myself that it is a short term pain for a long term gain. Had I been a single person with no dependents then yes, I would say it could be a great career to go into. It really depends on where you end up posted. I really do have mixed feelings about the job and things don't seem to have improved with the move to Police Scotland. Take a career break from your current position if possible, then you can always return if you don't like it!
  2. Hi, the shift pattern can vary if you work the Islands but generally I do a 5 week rotation, which results in having 2 weekends off in a row. An example is 4 x day shifts, 2 x rest days, 3 x night shifts, 3 x rest days, 4 x back shifts. With regard to rest days, if you're rescheduled for court, unless you can give a valid reason and have your court excusal accepted by the PF then you would have to attend court and work the rest of day as a dayshift. Again this may vary through divisions. Requesting you in when you are on leave would be in extreme circumstances as they would have to pay you double time and at present they are going out of their way to prevent any possibility of this happening due to the massive budget cuts. Although I have heard of people having to fly back to the country mid holiday but I suspect this is for higher ranking officers and would be very unlikely for a probationer. I would prepare to have rest days cancelled from time to time though for events etc, you do get these back but sometimes not at a time that is convenient for you. The other thing you have to bear in mind is that with recruitment now, you can be placed anywhere in the whole of Scotland so be prepared to move, possibly to the north, if you don't already live there! Good luck in your application.
  3. Can I be a party crasher for the Bleep too? Mind you, when do party crashers ever ask permission?!? Can't believe it all starts tomorrow for us Rox!! I'll have two alarms set!!!
  4. Mkr83 can you tell me what time college finishes on a Friday as I'm trying to book flights to London for a couple of weeks after I start (Feb 25th intake) and don't want to book the flight too early. Thanks
  5. Oh my god! I've just had a wee tea break party with my colleagues and 5 of them had dressed up as versions of me!! You may wonder how they managed to do this but two of them had outfits very similar to the ones I've worn to work on occasion and they all had their eyebrows pencilled in and bright red lipstick as I've got a thing for the burlesque/40s style make up (that won't be happening in the Police!) and they were sporting it! Was in tears laughing!
  6. Good luck Gem! Was skiing yesterday which was a good break from freaking out about the Tulliallan bleep. Last day in the office for me today - eek!! Going in fashionably late on flexi time while I can!
  7. Well that would be great! I'm happy to go with whichever city's best for Rox!
  8. Good luck with the uniform fitting Gem! On a completely separate note, I'm heading to London after the second week of Tulliallan for the weekend. What do you think my chances are of hitching a ride with a Glasgow or Edinburgh probationer? Haven't decided which airport to fly from yet as I want to know how easy it is going to be to get to it from Tulliallan!
  9. Gem, I didn't even ask how your Grandad was! Just done a wee (and I mean wee, 3 km) run and fitness hasn't dropped as much as I thought it may have but defo need to build on the stamina!
  10. Well, I'm hoping to get back into my fitness regime tonight but will have to take it slowly otherwise I know I'll risk injury. Hopefully by Saturday I'll be ready to practice the bleep. Just need to find somewhere where no one can see me!
  11. Don't I just know it Gem!! Eek!!! Last week at the 9-5 job I've been doing for the past 10 years. Tarot reader said I was goin to meet my future husband in February, wonder if that'll happen at Tulliallan.......? Ha ha!
  12. Rox, that's loads more than we got told! I only have one set of trainers!
  13. We never got anything about uniform standards! Also, 210 press ups?!? Think I can do 5 at the very most! :-(
  14. Yes, on the 18th and it didn't say anything about bulling. In fact I didn't even know what that was until I came on here! Our info is pretty brief to be honest, especially as to the kit we should have. Just even told white t-shirt, shoes and boots and black shorts. That's it! Other areas seem to have been told to take a lot more to Tulliallan, unless we're going to be told about more kit during our induction week?
  15. We haven't been told to bull out shoes/boots but have been told to buy polish and lint free cloth and to take that in with us on the first day of our induction week so I'm assuming they're planning in teaching is how to do it!