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  1. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    General rule from what I've seen is that most people with response permits are off to the response teams, most others are going to neighbourhoods, with a few anomalies here and there, wouldn't be the job without bizarre, seemingly no rhyme nor reason decisions.
  2. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    22nd April, posted to Lambeth, second choice behind Croydon.
  3. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Question for those who appear to know the new set up proposals, what exactly will the SNT be responsible for? Planned appointments, prisoner processing, ongoing enquiries, all of the above?
  4. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Well provided HR stick to their word and PSD don't find anything to hold me for in the next three days, I'll be joining those in on the 22nd! As far as the job, they've cunningly advertised for a generic uniformed constable role so I guess it really is up to them.
  5. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Very interesting update. Here's still hoping my occ health pull their finger out (metaphorically) so I don't end up missing the boat!
  6. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I don't know, I'd prefer not knowing if the alternative is thanks but no thanks...
  7. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Still fighting for my occ health records. Gotta love outsourcing, the force pay a company to do a job the force were doing, give them records the force created, for the company to sell them back to the officers, whilst taking upto 40 days to do it. Amazing.
  8. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Nothing here either, except the second further disclosure requested from the vetting unit. The cogs are still turning....
  9. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I got an automated reply from the recruitment email address saying thankyou for my application form, which must be the standard response to any email that lands in the inbox. If they haven't received it I'm sure they'd chase it up.
  10. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I know they were vetting this week as I got a phone call from one of the vetting officers asking for clarification on something. If they want people in for April and May they will need to be giving people the heads up very soon.
  11. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I think the people at the front of the queue are on this thread and to my knowledge none have received confirmed offers of employment yet.
  12. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    It wasn't long ago that many boroughs did 4 on 4 off working 12 hour days or nights but that's not the case anymore.
  13. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    If they took the rail concession away people would be leaving in droves toward their county forces. As for 12 hour shifts, I'm certain they've all but disappeared as you can't account for weekend increases in demands.
  14. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Of the ones I've heard back from so far it's all slight variations on the 2x2x2 followed by 4 days off and all have run to the 7-7 working day. Was a bit of a relief that none have held on to the 6-6 as that really would make commuting unbearable!
  15. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Croydon Bromley Sutton and Merton have.