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  1. Grampian Police Recruitment

    cheers. yeah i got feedback and they said as expected, life experience. apparently my example for diversity wasn't relevant (not sure how given I used the trigger point sheets to make them up), and that I didn't display all they wanted in the team building. They also dropped in that I showed 'hints of immaturity'. Have got absolutely no idea where they're pulling the immaturity or the diversity question marks from, and the team building went quite well. I'm also feeling pretty bitter at the moment, especially given that I passed 3 officers today who were all fat and out of shape. That said, you win some you lose some. I'm still young so will finish uni and re-evaluate stuff from there. Well done to everyone that did get in and I hope the medicals go okay!
  2. Grampian Police Recruitment

    well done! I got a fail, interview ended like: 'So, if you're so passionate about the police - why didn't you go for special?' 'Well I'm at Uni Mon-Fri and work weekends, so I don't really have time' 'You have time for work but not your supposed passion?' (sneery look) I don't even know what to say about that, wait 4 hours on an interview to get good cop, good cop, . Best of luck to the guys that got through, gutted I won't be at Tulliallan with you.
  3. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Main thing is getting to the final interview. If we don't pass the teamwork stuff then we get sent home. I'm pretty concerned about that as interview at least you're 100% in control of how they view you.
  4. Grampian Police Recruitment

    ready as I can be given that I've no idea what is expected of teamwork. Still planning to turn up in jeans/plain black tee/trainers. Considered loafers or some other form of smart shoes but thinking as someone said previously - everyone will wear a mix and panel won't see us unless we're successful anyway, What are others thinking?
  5. Grampian Police Recruitment

    final fitness? ... I haven't heard of this before - what's involved?
  6. Grampian Police Recruitment

    any example of group exercises? and time spent on team section? Good to hear that you got in anyway
  7. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Also thinking Jeans/t-shirt. I'm assuming it will be stuff like 'here's an unpacked tent - build it up in teams of 4' etc. Not thrilled to hear we only get an interview if we 'pass' the teamwork stage as they're always pretty awkward. Whether it works or not, I would assume a phone call is harmless. They all seemed really nice in person so doubt they would mind.
  8. Grampian Police Recruitment

    The best I could think for loose fitting was a pair of smart jeans/dress shoes and a polo or shirt - certainly can't see shorts or tracksuit bottoms being a good idea. I imagine teamwork will be stuff like building a tent or something.
  9. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Ah sweet, I'll have a look at the bus option then. Cheapest train is £26.60 so could suffer a bit to save that lol. Thanks alot. I'm pretty nervous about the teamworking thing but It will work out better that we've all met already! Also can't wait now, thought we would maybe be waiting a month or two before the next day!
  10. Grampian Police Recruitment

    got my letter today. 7.45am on the first. Oh well, looks like another 3 hour train/night in the premier inn. Hope it's not for nothing as the prices start adding up says: you will undertake group exercises in the morning so wear loose fitting clothing, also - formal gear required for after shower/interview. Who's thinking what here? Not sure if turning up in a suit is the way to go this time ?
  11. Grampian Police Recruitment

    I was told I could expect a call 'in the next few days to a week or so' but it wasn't until I was off the phone i realised that could mean anything. Even if vetting doesn't go to plan they would surely contact us.... I think if I don't hear in a week or so then I might call/email them just to check. WIll prepare for the 1st of March regardless. Though am i right in saying theres just 1 long interview that day?
  12. Grampian Police Recruitment

    anyone heard any more about assessment day 2 yet? or have any idea how long the vetting process takes?
  13. Grampian Police Recruitment

    good job! I heard this morning, also through to next stage if vetting is okay. It's both terrifying and yet a relief how fast it's moving.
  14. Grampian Police Recruitment

    ahhh I think you used my towel! If it's you, I hope things went well with the SET. I think it should be tomorrow we hear!
  15. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Well that was pretty cool today, passed each stage and got to interview. Interview could have been better though (but wasn't bad). Would have been the the same room as a few of you guys without knowing who's who. Hope it went well for everyone as everyone that was there today seemed really nice.