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  1. If I knock on your door and the glass cracks, it kind of is criminal damage, but it would be the onus of the prosecution to prove you did it intentionally or recklessly. If I knocked on glass and it broke I would probably be calling a glass company to get it fixed! :) I would also feel a complete numpty! Also, when I knock on doors I never knock on the glass! OP, your best bet is definitely to take legal advice. If you can get free consultation with local solicitor that would be good, or request one when you attend police station later in the month. Source: LLb and am a serving SC with ruralshire constabulary (doughnuts and diversity).
  2. You could in theory be NFA'd (no further action) but you got locked up for a reason so in my opinion it is more likely you will be cautioned or charged. If the repayment and stuff had been agreed before you were arrested (which would make your arrest less likely) then you probably would've just faced the community resolution by way of paying for the repairs. Its good that you are arranging to compensate the owner so you may face no further action. That said, what actually will happen when you return to the station is up to the force in question - anything could happen. Good luck.
  3. Hello there!

    Well, Anna, when I said I was here to waste time I really meant procrastinate! :)
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    disappointed the neighbours.
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  6. Hello there!

    Hi there everyone! I'm currently a special constable and applying to join the regulars in a neighbouring force - we'll see how it goes. (Oh and I work for an ambulance service in the control room and I'm a final-year law student) I'm here to learn a bit, lurk around and generally waste some time.