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  1. Fettes fitness test?

    Getting nervous now!
  2. Fettes fitness test?

    Cheers keith :) u should of seen me 4 minths ago with runnubg just dobe 2.5 mile run in this heat! Good luck with ur app :)
  3. Fettes fitness test?

    Thanks guys! Im just so nervous about my fitness i know i have came aling way! But fingers crossed xx
  4. Fettes fitness test?

    I have my fitness in 2 weeks, very nervous! This may seem stupid but can someone actually tell me what happens on the day? Eg do you change into ur kit ect? Sorry for this its just little things like this that nag away at me
  5. Sometimes you dance like nobody's watching http://t.co/wmcS0YBFHh

  6. Did u sit yours on the 18th? I did too and my run is on the 13th may
  7. 2 mile run done after full shift..... Im done!

  8. Sometimes you just wanna scream!

  9. 18th march set

    14 mins :) ive done inverleith a few times, it seems harder i think because its straight lines dont u think?
  10. 18th march set

    Past 4 months been running 5 times a week ive came along way at the start i could not run the length of myself! Now im doing it in the time but jut need to push a lil more :) i also do some weights and try to do one run a week that is longer than 1.5 mile run, just hope 4 best!
  11. 18th march set

    Passed :) fitness on 13th may, nearly 8 weeks to prepare hopefully enough time! :)
  12. After Ever After - DISNEY Parody amazing watch!! http://t.co/epYu6BIKUh

  13. Damn you wisdom teeth!!

  14. 18th march set

    Just wondering if anyone else is going on this date?