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  1. Sometimes you dance like nobody's watching http://t.co/wmcS0YBFHh

  2. 2 mile run done after full shift..... Im done!

  3. Sometimes you just wanna scream!

  4. After Ever After - DISNEY Parody amazing watch!! http://t.co/epYu6BIKUh

  5. Damn you wisdom teeth!!

  6. BOOM!!!!!! Game Of Thrones Season 3: Trailer #gameofthrones http://t.co/7XxmRC0JND

  7. My dream last night included @OfficialAdele @NICKIMINAJ @jk_rowling @Real_Liam_Payne @rickygervais ...I've gotta stop reading twitter b4 bed

  8. Do the Harlem shake!

  9. Really really really wants kopparberg 😞

  10. Candy crush you have ruined my life

  11. Does not like the sight of big dogs when on a run :(

  12. Watching #sunsexandsuspiciousparents guy wonders why he isn't getting any girls, maybe it's because you carry a man bag 😃

  13. I love game of thrones!!!!