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  1. Bow CCC

    Near Bow Road Police Station, It is quite close to Mile End. From Essex Hendon is a nightmare to get to. Lambeth the least said the better. Best of luck with your application.
  2. Grampian Police Recruitment

    I wish you luck in your future.
  3. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Also DO get feedback. Ask what went wrong. Look into it and see if you can improve it with training. Most things can be improved, some things can be trained for. Others are more intrinsic. If you don't like confrontation, for example, and don't deal with it well. I am not saying that can't be improved but at what cost.
  4. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Hard lines flex. All I can say is to dust yourself back off, wait the 6months(or whatever you have to wait) and get an application back in. committment can take various forms. Including persistence. If that's really what you want to do and it is practical. Re not applying as a special they can't really count that against you. It will be the defence that you gave, so to speak, that would have counted for or against. They might have wanted to see if you had an interest, Did you consider it or have you looked into it. "Why, if policing is your passion, did you not look to become a special?" "I did look into it, However at present my circumstances dictate that I had to take paid employment in the spare time that I have. " Here is where you have to provide some evidence.... "My Uni workload involves X numbers of hours at lecturing, Y hours of self study etc leaving Z hours free, My costs meant I needed to raise £A. I looked into matching the time/finance commitment but would have been unable at the present time" etc If you mentioned that then you have proved that you looked at the problem and have a defendable reason for why you didn't. However you need to be sure that it (PSOS) is practical AND truly what you want to do. Remember you will face being sent all over Scotland as of the 1st April. I guess from the fact you are at varsity that you are still young (please forgive my assumption) so it might not be so bad to go from Cambuslang to Cairnbulg (or vv)but with a family it might be harder. I speak from some bitter experience as I failed Grampian twice and now have to wait 3 years to reapply for PSOS. By then I will be 40+ and the prospect of displacing my wife and kids for pan-Scotland postings would be impossible. However only you can answer if it is what you want to do.
  5. Who all has applications in for Grampian?

    G Markie - You will (if you pass fitness) be placed in a holding room with a number of others. One of your interviewers will take you to the interview room. They will ask you questions mostly related on the competencies and on Grampian/Policing itself. Oft-times they will ask you about examples NOT on your application. Along the lines of "Can you give an example,not on your application, where you did....." The Grampian specific questions will be stuff that can be easily researched. CC, force boundaries, history etc You need to think and prepare in your own mind why you want to work for GP? what do you think Policing GPA would entail, What being a police officer would entail - shifts, various roles, what you think about doing them, how might they affect you etc. Ernesto - Competencies - You MUST pass Race & Diversity. The competencies can be worked out from the application form. Team work, Race and Diversity, Communication, Flexibility and Resilience. When have you worked in a team to achieve something. What did you do? How did you react with that team etc.... When have you dealt with something you did not agree with/approve etc When have you shown initiative re a certain situation..... Comms generally taken all through the interview and the whole day 1 process. Try to be confident and have some structure to your answers. Generally don't do what I did cos I didn't pass.
  6. Hello

    Thanks for the welcome
  7. Hello

    Hello just joined after lurking for a while. Applied to Grampian twice and failed, first on second interview, second 6months later on first interview.
  8. Glasgow, heading to aberdeen!

    All the best with it.
  9. Ah but what if you pass your SETs but fail the interviews? I passed SET in May 2012 failed on interview Reapplied after 6months as guidance Didn't have to do SETs Failed interview - now advised that must wait 3 years. Apparently some forces only gave 3 shots, Northern had a critical thinking test and if you failed it you would not be allowed to apply to the Highlanders....
  10. Who all has applications in for Grampian?

    I was on the initial interview on the 31st Jan (failed for the second time ) Re your questions. Grampian have SETS/Bleep test/Initial interview on one day, then Teamwork assessment (Lego - hint) and second interview. This is with an inspector and two sgts and is designed to get under the skin of your application. If you get to it(first time I did) Prepare. Hard. Think about every competency answer, have two at least, all prepared and off pat. Be ready to go in depth to your answers. Re PSOS the latest word is that you will be posted to Grampian area but you will NOT be reserved to there. The HR dept are very helpful with any queries etc and will help if you get in touch with them. Grampian struggle to keep/hire officers because it is a hugely successful area economically. Lots of the people on my interview were from all over the UK, Newcastle, Inverness, Paisley etc. All the Best.