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  1. I agree with your point but bad example. If you go into a house with ventilation holes in the walls, irrigation tubes all over the place, and other indicators of the house being used to grow canabis (bypassed meter, light install etc) then it's a bit different to 'empty house no signs of break in nothing taken'.
  2. Znra - reading back, you seem to have assumed that the OP is some bloke who doesn't like the way his neighbour looks at him. I read the OP (including the comments about the shower, the 'people would think I'm crazy' and the use of capitals) as being more female. The OP also has a female sounding username. Whilst sex of the complainant shouldn't necessarily factor, I think this sounds a little more like a seedy old bloke or spurned admirer - and worthy of a visit if I'm honest. I agree that there little cause for action but that doesn't mean that the OP shouldn't report it. To say 'The police are there for real crimes' is perhaps not in the spirit of neighbourhood policing.
  3. Not necessarily... ImageUploadedByTapatalk1435706673.098540.jpgBut then again. Needs more braiding
  4. What is your length of service?
  5. Because it was a post made as a whole, rather than a series of individual points about unrelated matters. The opening paragraph sets out my position as someone unlikely to jump to the defence of the teachers - which gives emphasis to the next two paragraphs which are in support of the schools generally over this issue. I'd have thought that the above was obvious to be honest, but now I've provided a comprehensive explanation of my earlier post, perhaps your next one might be on topic?
  6. The irony of your post is that I somewhat agree (and have stated on several occasions) that the salary and pension package is rather generous in the police force, and it tires me to hear people moan about it. But that's a separate thread - this one was about how police officers should or shouldn't be treated any differently to other parents when requesting a concession on the rules of school attendance
  7. I don't like teachers much. Too much holiday and not enough work - then have the cheek to moan about t. However in this case they have a point. Should there be a target? Maybe not but there should be an attempt to make it an exception not a rule. To make it a fairly rare event. Can you have that without quantifying a percentage as a 'target'? Probably no these days. You'll have some self interest group/idiot like this CC sticking their oar in stating why one group of people should be entitled to preferential treatment.
  8. I also had a discussion about attendance unrelated to either if these issues where slit was claimed that if you take a child out of school for one week then it takes them three weeks to catch up. In honesty you wouldn't really take a kid out of school unless in exceptional circumstances and "I struggle to get two weeks off in august" isn't exactly exceptional is it?
  9. Taken from the story about the little girl who was denied a 100% attendance treat for going to her mum's funeral: ""From last February, if schools fall below 96.5% attendance they could have a no-notice inspection. The consequences of failing a no-notice inspection can mean head teachers can lose their jobs and in some circumstances schools could even close."
  10. I'm sure there are many occupations which have busy periods in school holidays. Either it's ok to take kids out of shcool or it isn't. Nonsense like this will just get peoples backs up and it's fairly easy to see why.
  11. I believe it is via an extension of the definition of 'firearm' rather than a change in law to include these items under S21. I raised the query when someone got convicted under s21 for having a non lethal air weapon
  12. If 'the person' (who I'm sure isn't you) has been sentenced to prison for more than three months but less than three years then they are banned from using or possessing any firearm for five years from release. This includes replica firearms, deacts, and realistic imitation firearms (RIFs). I'd say that if the 'BB gun' in question is a RIF then it would be banned. If clearly a toy, then I'm not sure TBH Given some of the BB guns I'm seen it's a little glib to call them 'a gun that has no restrictions'
  13. A HP check certainly is not mandatoryfor bailiffs, and regardless of whether it takes five minutes or five hours, it is not for them to pro dot even enquire whether there is finance outstanding. They can immobilise the car legally. If you provide written proof that the car is on finance the they have to release it. In the interim I believe that they should not physically remove it, but am not sure. So the bailiff did nothing wrong, regardless of your opinion. The fact that they have been sent to sieze goods suggests that you do owe the money, regardless of your opinion. Once they have told you not to remove the goods (and until you prove the finance issue) the your actions of moving and hiding the car are unlawful. That will be why the car has been reported 'stolen'. Where you are correct though, is that the car can't be taken. You just need to do it properly.
  14. Depends. For an 18/19 year old having just left college it's probably the highest paying job teu are likely to get. Any other 'trainee' position is likely to be in the £12k to £16k range. I was talking about this with a friend recently as he has been in his job 7/8 years and earns less than £20k (albeit tax free as a seafarer) and with no pension whereas I pointed out that if he'd joined the police instead he could have been on £30k for seven years in.I wouldn't say that is 'high paid' but it could be called 'well paid' and certainly isn't 'low paid'. One of my pet hates is complaints about salary when people seem rather oblivious to how much other jobs pay. When I first looked into joining the police I knew it would involve a pay cut from my previous earnings - but when changing career you kind of expect that. However one of the things that made the police viable was the pay. Anyway. Pay rant over, and onto the rest of it. ______________________________________ This speech reminds me in some ways of the rise of UKIP. Come out with a bunch of half-truths, each with minor inaccuracies which, if you dispute them, look like bit picking, but which mount up to a grossly unfair portrayal of the position. Some of the 'crimes against policing' she lists are true - but some of them are 25 years ago! Let the people who were involved pay for that, not the current breed. I understand the culture of that time in the police to be vastly more open to unsavioury behavious and so to list it as a reason for change when change has already occurred is riddiculous. If I thought it was the case that problems had been identified and solutions proposed I might have a bit more faith in her words. As it is it seems pretty clear that to a large extent 'solutions' were devised and then the 'problems' were thought up to justify the end result.
  15. As opposed to walk out? What's the difference? No I'm not suggesting people give up and walk away. But I'm not suggesting they go on strike either. Going off to do something else might be the lesser of two evils as at least it wouldn't be en masse and/or at a predetermined time.