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  1. If you want a different baton holder go for the Peter Jones one (along with the cs holder ), plenty of met officers wear them, I don't know why people are getting so upset by a simple question. In my force plenty of officers don't wear the issued kit given to them many buy a better cuff and baton holder. Everyone knows the risk regarding insurance and gets on with it, the kit we are bought is not the best or the most durable, it is from the cheapest manufacture bought in bulk. I could go on and moan further about the problems this causes but ill save that for another day. That being said it is probably best to wait till you are out of Hendon before you put it on your kit belt, just to keep your trainers happy.
  2. If you are waiting to start the job non lethal riot tactics should be the least of your concerns, don't run before you can walk.
  3. Most may, however all those conditions have stages where loss capacity can happen, the OP has not stated what the person suffers from or how severely the person is affected by their condition.
  4. If they have MH issues are they aware of what they are doing ?
  5. No no if anything the ICE's need a much more clearer uniform than what they have had in the past. The fact that they have been using unmarked vans and have worn dark navy uniforms with little or no markings on them makes it hard for the public to identify who they are. Hence why I think these marked up vans are good idea. As I have said previously I have attended two calls where MOP's have called up reporting males acting suspiciously, which have turned out to be the UKBA officers enforcing immigration arrests. Purely because the MOP's could not identify who they where or what they were doing.
  6. No it does not I have attended two calls in the past where this has not been the case, if the vans are clearly marked like they are there would be no confusion caused. Regardless of whether the government is doing to make immigration enforcement more visible I believe there is a need for these vehicles t be marked.
  7. The vans do the job IMO they clearly show what they are, I never liked the plain blue ones. I always thought it would confuse members of the public seeing people being bundled into unmarked blue vans. I'm sure the new design is here to stay. With regards to red flashers I could see the potential for you guys getting blue light authorities.
  8. Bring back the white shirts they were so much smarter !
  9. Even as a PC now I still leave it at home unless needed for work.
  10. Amazed that this has happened, I thought PCSO's could not stop vehicles or use the lights? I know in my force they cannot.
  11. Unfortunately Dan it completely depends on the force with regards to timescales, I spent about 8 months as a special before I made the jump and it gave me a really good grounding in the job. I know in other forces it can be a period of years before you make the jump. It all depends on when they open internal recruitment. Feel free to message me. I too was like you I got fed up of my current job and decided to try something different and have never regretted it.
  12. Hi Dan Reasonable Man ha s hit the nail on the head, probably the only way in to most forces will be through becoming a PCSO or Special Constable. My personal view is that, if money is an issue it might worth becoming a PCSO as they are paid police staff and they sort of get to see what the job is like, my force however does not let them do a lot and I actually don't think it puts you in too good a position to becoming a regular officer. If you can stomach it try sticking with job for a while and apply to be a Special Constable as a special you will get to do most things a regular officer does and will have a good idea of whether the job is for you or not. Bear in mind that moral is pretty low in the police at the moment and the pay and pensions are taking a hit, so you will most be likely taking a pay cut from your current job. Remember its not all about the flashing lights and sirens and for the most part the job is quite boring albeit quite rewarding. There are few forces that recruit externally ever so often it may be worth checking a few police websites from time to time trying your luck. If you want to know more PM me I was a special for a while and im now currently in training to be a regular officer. Hope this helps CB.
  13. I agree Bob that this should not be tolerated, however in my experience this style of supervision is very much alive and well. I also here what Dirkster is saying we rely far too much on reputation and what a person is like in this organisation, I feel we could benefit from a much more impartial style of management. From what ive seen if management turn against you that's it your done, even station transfers don't really help that much. I do hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for you Ridge!
  14. I really really feel for you mate and have seen this happen to a couple of guys, all I can say is try and make a go of where you have been sent and build up some good links with management. Just bite the bullet and cover the tattoos and probably tone down the cockiness, don't give them any more ammo to use against you. I don't think welfare will do much for you regarding a move to a closer station, they will not in my force. On a personal note if things do not improve or get better I would probably look at transferring forces or be looking to resign, its just not worth the stress with a wife and a new-born. I know that's what you don't want to hear, it is what I would do though. I hope things get better for you!
  15. As a far as I was aware it only helped with a officer in coming to a decision about the use of reasonable force in a situation. Unfortunately even with the NDM the use of force is deeply subjective and where one person may use spray another may use a baton, as I have been taught we use force along the lines of PLAN and what impact factors an officer assesses to their threat level in a given situation.