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  1. Three Word Story

    another diet fad.....
  2. Last two letters start the next word

    dromedary oops sorry ,,, domicile
  3. Plods mum

    Thank you Dolly and Bart for the welcome, I appreciate it.
  4. Plods mum

    Hello folks, Apologies, I posted yesterday briefly without introducing myself. I came on to look something up, but ended up registering. Its that postometer thingy you have at the top! I felt that I had to keep the meter running or something. Son and daughter and wider family in the police, different areas up North, but same problems workwise. Mums (and Dads and partners) all care about you and worry. So if its ok, I woud like to peek on now and then, just to keep up to date with issues. Promise not to be a nuisance. Take care all x Whistle
  5. hmmm Its says Kosher on the tin, but it could say Kostco, need new specs Shergar in your tea though, hope its ok, take care all.x ......continues knitting hat for Saint Bernard Hoagy Carmichael.
  6. Thanks dacsurban I know the score there, but appreciate you assisting a fellow officer. i actualyl came on to look for some information on a totally unrelated thing but it caught my eye. So I had to register to comment. But its quite interesting here might do a plods mum blog one day! Things is, the mans right there, but words of advice would have done, the people concerned are very identifiable, sheer chance I saw it. Dont dob it in on a public forum, and hint you arent telling teacher. Of course its a daft thing to do but you said your bit there and then. They took the telling off with grace, thats why they said goodbye as they left. At least do the paperwork and go into PSD or phone crimestoppers, its more secure than here. Know what I mean innit? Making sandwiches for everyone in the Division now, corned beef ok for you Gripper?
  7. it was probably my daughter, I'll have a word. women should be seen and not emailed. plods mum x