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  1. Just saw this. In my experience I don't knew of any who openly carry cuffs. But I do know of some very proactive offices who might. Probably in the car rather than on them. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. Front-line policing may be the priority but at what cost. Single crewing is common nationwide but less officers more jobs means less support when things go wrong. The job continues to get more dangerous but the support and security offered our employers continues to dwindle. A risk assessment is all well and good but actually responding to the risk and actually taking action to manage the risks are becoming a thing of the past.
  3. some offences carry a 6 month statute limit. the like of most motoring offences except dangerous driving and low level assaults (sec 39). If you mean custody time, Bail pauses the custody clock but it resumes when you return to answer bail. In theory you can be bailed for as long as necessary provided your custody clock does not run out when answering bail. Like devil just guessing at what you actually mean though...
  4. have to agree, advising someone to end their social activities to avoid the actions of someone else is not really useful advice at all. Love or loath it, (I am on the fence). Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are all here to stay for the foreseeable future so avoidance of such a large social element of someones life is not really appropriate....