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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Haha mrsveedub I've just realised i said 1 knife 2 lives but you obviously knew what I was head is mince. Think i have enough job knowledge so yip will get stuck into the competencies, although also struggling with them. How did you manage to think of examples that would suit many questions?
  2. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Aargh guys help!! Information overload and I'm not taking anything in. I remember the last time I applied it was exactly the same, tried to take in too much and messed up. So heres what i'm studying - Division info (commander, priorities, wards etc) - trying to read up on where I live and also where i've applied but it's too much so should I just stick to where I live? Diversity & Equality Code of Ethics, Vision, Values & Purpose Partnership working Specialist units Current campaigns - really struggling with this as only found 1 knife 2 lives and Run, Hide, Tell. Any others? I've found loads but they're all old National priorities Probationer timetable Rank structure CC - do I need to know assistant, deputy etc Competencies Please help before I crack up. Am I covering everything?
  3. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done mrsveedub. Did they tell you straight away or by email? Any tips? I'm not taking anything in.
  4. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hiya I have my initial interview coming up, eek! I live in Greater Glasgow but I've applied for Dumfries & Galloway or Borders. Should I be studying all 3 divisions in prep for my interview? Thanks
  5. Application form sent

    8th Feb, eek!!! Good luck with yours. Let me know how you get on.
  6. Application form sent

    Hi mrsveedub. The feedback I received was really positive but she said I came across as being a little naive. I know exactly where I messed up......"what is the role of a police officer" on earth could I not answer that? I personally think I just let my nerves get the better of me and I waffled quite a bit. I'm more nervous this time but I'm going to do my best to relax, sit back, listen to the interviewers and keep my responses short and to the point. Good luck and let me know how you get on.
  7. Application form sent

    Eek Buttons24 thats a long time to wait, must be to do with the Divisions you've applied for. I applied for V & J in September and received confirmation that I'd passed paper sift in November. Previously passed SET so had initial fitness couple of weeks ago and passed. Initial interview in 4 weeks, very nervous as this is where I messed up last time. Hope you hear something soon. Keep us updated.
  8. Bleep Test

    Thanks so much. No interview date yet but he did say it'll probably be middle of January. Going to be a quiet Christmas and New Year for us
  9. Bleep Test

    Hi guys Thought i'd let you know I passed today. Didn't find it too bad but didn't get to a very high level and got into trouble, eek!! He said that when i got my warnings it didn't look as though I was trying but I swear my wee legs were going as fast as possible. I could've kept going but I just couldn't keep up with the beep. Need to work really hard to improve my speed.
  10. Bleep Test

    Thanks aero2. Had a go in a hall today and measured it out. I've defo been short doing it outdoors but managed it fine indoors, although still found it really hard.
  11. Bleep Test

    Well done!. Just back from having a practice in a hall, so much easier than outside. Still worried but I'm sure the adrenaline will take over on the day.
  12. Bleep Test

    Oh mrsveedub lots of luck tomorrow. Please let me know how you get on. You can let me know if it really is 15 meters . Know i'm being stupid but if it's just a wee bit shorter i'll feel so much better. Can't believe how nervous I am, was nowhere near as bad the last time. I'll keep everything crossed for you x
  13. Standard Entrance Test

    The letter I have received inviting me to do the fitness test says - Should you pass the initial fitness test there are 4 possibilities: 1. If you have not previously sat the Standard Entrance Test or sat it before April 2013 you will be required to attend to sit the SET on N/A 2. If you have previously sat and passed the SET you will receive an invite to your Initial Interview. 3. If you have previously sat and failed the SET after April 2013 you will receive an invite to re-sit the papers failed. N/A 4. If you have previously attended the Assessment Centre, please read the letter attached carefully and bring all documentation required. N/A I previously passed the SET in 2012 so according to the above I will need to sit it again (see point 1). As you can see, however, all points say N/A except point 2 and it is in bold. I thought that anyone reapplying did not need to sit the SET if previously passed. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks
  14. Bleep Test

    Help I'm starting to panic. I have my fitness test very soon and I'm starting to doubt I'll pass. I thought I was doing really well but now realise my measurements have been a bit short and even though it's just a few steps it makes a big difference. Everyone says it's easy but I don't agree. I've been told me you can practically walk the start but I find i'm sprinting straight away, I only have wee legs . I've never been a great runner but I'm defo more distance than speed. Should point out that I've passed the fitness before when it was the 1 1/2 mile and found it so much easier. Can anyone offer any advice? You'll make me feel so much better if you tell me it's not quite 15 meters (fingers crossed). Thanks so much.
  15. What if you can't attend on date given

    Thanks TiggersBroom. Not sure what to do. We're so short staffed at work so I'm going to struggle to get any time off over the festive period. I really, really want this but my current job is obviously my priority. I'll need to give recruitment a buzz and see what they say.