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  1. What if you can't attend on date given

    Thanks TiggersBroom. Not sure what to do. We're so short staffed at work so I'm going to struggle to get any time off over the festive period. I really, really want this but my current job is obviously my priority. I'll need to give recruitment a buzz and see what they say.
  2. Parking at Jackton

    Thanks so much for the replies. I'm sure i'll be fine and as you say aero2 I can always park across the road. Wall.3 well done! How have you found the application process? Can you give me any tips? I'm so nervous about the initial interview and no idea what to expect from the assessment day so any tips would be appreciated.
  3. What if you can't attend on date given

    Aargh waited so flipping long to get date for initial fitness and now looks as though I can't get the time off work. Have any of you guys been unable to attend any of the stages on the dates give? If so how did it go down with recruitment? Did you have to wait ages for another date?
  4. Parking at Jackton

    Hiya I've got my fitness test on 20th Dec, eek!!! Email said parking is limited at Jackton so taking alternative transport is advised. Last time I applied I didn't have any problems getting a space but assume it must be busier now. Is it quite difficult to get parked at Jackton and if so is there anywhere nearby to park? Thanks
  5. Application form sent

    Oh nwindy thats quite a long time. How long after you applied did you do the entrance exam? Last time I applied the process was so much quicker. Was only a few weeks after application that I did the entrance test then about a month later the fitness then the initial interview a couple of weeks after that. Lots of luck with the fitness test. Let me know how you get on.
  6. Application form sent

    Hi D4nny I emailed my application on 6th Sep and still haven't heard anything, although I did receive an auto reply. Did you apply by post or email? I know it's a long process but honestly thought I would've received confirmation by now. Last time I applied I heard back almost straight away. Hope I hear soon.
  7. Application form sent

    Hi Well the forms been sent, eek!!! I've previously applied so won't need to do the entrance exam. Provided I pass the paper sift does anyone know approximately how long it'll take until I'm invited to do the fitness test? Thanks x
  8. Older applicant

    Wow guys thanks so much the positive, encouraging comments. If I'm being honest the fitness does worry me a little. Yes I'm fit for my age but not sure i'll keep up with people half my age at Tulliallan. Suppose theres no point worrying about that at the moment. The fitness test isn't a problem, I can reach level 5.4 easily and I passed in the past when it was a bit tougher. Right time to get my finger out....I'm away to download the application. Thanks again S x
  9. Older applicant

    Hi Narpo Thanks for the response. Yip i'm fit, probably fitter than i was in my 20s. Is that the only reason you think I'd be too old? Thanks S
  10. Older applicant

    Hi Curious to know your views on older applicants. I applied a few years ago but failed the initial interview. Kicking myself that I didn't try again, always thought about it. I'm now 44 and really want to give it another go......lifes too short. Are there any other older applicants out there? Did you go through training with an older applicant? Would love to hear what you think. Thanks S
  11. Medical

    The shuttle runs are 15 meters. Good luck on the day.
  12. Applied mid sep

    Hi Jeniffer Thanks so much for the reply. I contacted Jackton today and they said its not a prob for me to go through to practice the route. I did the SET on 16th Feb and still haven't heard back yet but I'm reasonably confident so patiently (well sort of) waiting on a date for the fitness. Any idea when you'll hear about your initial interview? I've got everything crossed for you. Sheila
  13. Applied mid sep

    Aw WeeYv & Joko I'm so sorry to hear you both failed the fitness. I'm still waiting to hear my results from the SET so training hard for the fitness. I'm really struggling though and can't get within the time, although I'm only 15-30 secs over. I'm hoping adrenalin will kick in on the day and give me an extra boost. Were you guys managing to get within the time in your training? Can I also ask when you applied, when you did the SET and how soon after you did the fitness? Thanks
  14. Have you recently done the SET?

    Hiya I'm curious to hear from anyone that has recently done the SET. When did you do it? Have you had your results and a date for the fitness yet? Thanks
  15. 1.5 mile

    Hi guys Thanks so much for the replys. When I started training I was doing intermittent walking and slow jogging. Once I could manage the distance, without walking, I started working on my speed but I just couldn't go very fast. I've been doing all my training outside, no matter what the weathers like. Did my best run tonight and don't anywhere near as much pain in my legs. To be honest I know I'm more than capable so just need to push myself that bit more. Jonathan thats a great idea, I'll defo look at doing your plan....thanks. ChelT you're so right about the likes of metafit. I've only been concentrating on running but when I pass the fitness (do you like my positive thinking?) I'll start doing other exercise to build up my fitness.