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  1. Transferee

    I'm seriously thinking of going back to response, I can honestly say they were some of the best years of my service
  2. Transferee

    No its gone down like a lead balloon. Coupled with the new recruit (graduates only) to inspector process within three years. Its a mess. They only need to bring in VR and the mass exodus of any operational experience will be complete.
  3. Transferee

    Dont do it. CID is falling apart with the LPM and the new 3 week shift pattern. If you fancy promotion then you will need to compete with the 3200 part one officers and currently only 100 opportunities. Also check whether you are able to get the rail pass unlike new recruits as the commissioner prefers people who live in London despite the average house costong half a million. If you do come welcome to the MET!
  4. Transferee

    Hoping of applying for the recent transferee process. Currently a DC in the met, but willing to do anything to move back home. Can anyone offer inside knowledge on what is like on the ground? Thank you
  5. Hello I have my TI interview next week can you give me any tips for it p

    1. GS


      A bit late, but look at the core skills for any investigation.






      Look at your examples any investigation such as a basic theft and see how you can transfer what you have done to something bigger such as a GBH/WI. Its all the same you start with the victims wellbeing, then look for witnesses, then start a crime scene if needed, then look for forensics and CCTV and usually end up with a...

  6. Gfds

    I think we all agree that all departments are stretched at the moment. I guess I am lucky and work for a large force as no burglaries or robberies get knocked back for a snatch etc.... However, looking at this from a another point of view, maybe that isn't a bad thing for some officers as this will develop them. I know ten year PCs that have little or no investigation experience past the arrest phase and handing jobs over. Anyway if you ever stop shedding wood shavings and need some advice PM me
  7. Gfds

    Hang on a minute.... I was an AFO and advanced driver whilst in uniform and certainly understand the realities of response. I've not been promoted or jumped up. But have passed an exam and dealt with a number of complex crimes that does allow me to offer advice. It's your call whether you take it! I
  8. Gfds

    Just re-read those posts, drunk posting is not good!!
  9. Gfds

    On a serious note, anyone got any questions regarding the TDC process I give you my take on it as I've just been signed off.
  10. Gfds

    oi wooden tops get of the techs thread :-)
  11. Secondment to RP

    Black Rats eat their own just like the cheese eating traffic sections within the police. My first skipper who was ex traffic told when he was in traffic his sergeant would come in early to get a car a catch the early turn borough PCs on the BOCU who were going too fast to get to parade.
  12. Repetition

    Why do you need to repeat things in your PB. I must admit I'm from the met and we don't treat our PB in the same way as county forces
  13. for affray a person must be present, even if they didn't fear unlawful violence would be used against them. The big doorman and six stone weakling throwing punches is an example. As long as an imaginary third person of reasonable firmness would have feared unlawful violence then a conviction is likely. As said before this really is bread and butter stuff which you should know verbatim
  14. Borough Support Unit

    It's like tsg but on a smaller scale. My borough uses them to this effect. Others that have different priorities such as robbery may use them accordingly. Either way its a good place to go towards the end of your probation if you thinking of tsg.
  15. Is driving barefoot illegal?

    Where exactly is it in the highway code. I specifically remember looking for it when I studied for my advanced course because in the summer I like flip flops and take them off when I drive. Separate topic I stuck someone on for without due care after crashing their car in flip flops