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  1. Hello I have my TI interview next week can you give me any tips for it p

    1. GS


      A bit late, but look at the core skills for any investigation.






      Look at your examples any investigation such as a basic theft and see how you can transfer what you have done to something bigger such as a GBH/WI. Its all the same you start with the victims wellbeing, then look for witnesses, then start a crime scene if needed, then look for forensics and CCTV and usually end up with a...

  2. Why do you need to repeat things in your PB. I must admit I'm from the met and we don't treat our PB in the same way as county forces
  3. for affray a person must be present, even if they didn't fear unlawful violence would be used against them. The big doorman and six stone weakling throwing punches is an example. As long as an imaginary third person of reasonable firmness would have feared unlawful violence then a conviction is likely. As said before this really is bread and butter stuff which you should know verbatim
  4. It's like tsg but on a smaller scale. My borough uses them to this effect. Others that have different priorities such as robbery may use them accordingly. Either way its a good place to go towards the end of your probation if you thinking of tsg.
  5. A substantive is a full driving licence
  6. It will probably be competency based. Learn your examples from your application. Then learn verbatim s3 criminal law, common law self defence, s117 pace. Look at recent high profile shootings and think how this legislation was used by the officers.
  7. Anyone gone from uniform into CID and kept their firearms ticket whilst on the tDC scheme? If so how did you sell it, most people seem to think you should give it up and concentrate on your studies.
  8. I’ve had these boots for over a year and they look awful with scuff marks, however, the grip is still fantastic and have not lost a foot chase since. Yes they are expensive and look awful but are really comfortable and do last.
  9. In the past 5 years I have never had a summary trail continue with no victim. Witch hunt comes to mind
  10. I found the below post on a solicitors forum. “Client made off without paying for a meal. Stopped nearby by police. Very compliant and NOT arrested for the offence. He was immediately handcuffed and put in the rear of a police car. Still very compliant, still not arrested. Officers spoke to restaurant owner. A short time later whilst the police car was atill parked, he lunged at the officer causing minor scratches to his hands. He was then subdued by 2 officers, and only then was he arrested for the make off. He wasn't arrested for assault PC until just before interview. Was the officer who was lunged at acting in the course of his duties? Or was the client being unlawfully detained? I cannot think of a power to detain as described where there has been no arrest, and there was no risk to any person or breach of the peace.†My personal view is this can be allowed. Perhaps the following points are missing OST regarding personal experience of the client and past violent behaviour are missing. Alternately they had decided that an arrest was going to take place however, needed to fully establish the facts. For info most of the solicitors think this is false imprisonment Views appreciated.
  11. I've got some and they are rubbish for s23 search's and don't keep you warm in the winter either. You get poor feeling and sensitivity. You end up padding people down and then taking them off, because I carnt be bothered with this i use a pen to feel pockets which is quicker. However, I do keep them for people armed with knives as they are slash proof
  12. Bites are more common and can spread Hepatitis B and C which is much easier to transmit than HIV.
  13. I read this on the internet today. What utter tosh, has this reporter even re-read the article and thought about this before sending it to their editor. I am no Einstein but I expect that the 99.9% of calls were I immediate calls and the drivers were exempt from speed restrictions. I guarantee if the reporter was phoning in a burglary and the suspects were still in their house they would expect us to break the speed limit, as we are trained.
  14. I thought some statutory powers of arrest still exist such as drink drive and police bail.
  15. RG do them and they are rubbish. You often don’t get reffs and work late because there is no change over cover. You then drive home and almost die on a regular basis and I don’t live far from work.