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  1. Anyone know when recruitment reopening?

    Recruitment is open NOW
  2. Tulliallan/Jackton

    You'll get your warrant card in your first couple of days at Jackton, BEFORE you go to Tulli! Smile! :)
  3. How many times have you applied

    As you're reapplying you basically start the process from fresh again. You wont have to sit the Initial Entrance Tests again as you'll already have passed them. But basically you're a new applicant again! Sorry if thats not what you wanted to hear. :-(
  4. Previous Conviction

    Each application is viewed on a case-by-case basis. All you can do is declare it to recruiting and see what they say. I'd give them a phone and run it past them if you don't hear back from the email.
  5. Watches

    Entirely down to personal preference: I used to wear a digital watch, which was handier for noting times in a hurry in your notebook when required for a crime scene log etc & statements. However I now use an analogue witth metal bracelet fastener, and have had no issues with it! Word of advice: The cheaper the better if its for work purposes! You don't want a MoP bleeding all over your good rolex, or getting it scraped tryin to handcuff someone!!
  6. Annual leave entitlement

    If you're meant to be working the public holiday (ie rostered on shift), you can choose whether to work it or not. if you do, you get double time. If you choose to take the day off, you get nothing (other than the holiday). You may be forced to work the day regardless, depending on the base minimum staffing-level for your team. If you've booked Annual Leave and it covers a PH, you would have the day credited to your A/L bank (or number of hours, depending how your force works). Thus ensuring you aren't using leave for a day which you are entitled to be off anyway. Is that what you meant? PH's are additional to your leave entitlement eg: 22 days + 12 PHs for example
  7. Annual leave entitlement

    Thats why there was a huge issue with forces converting to hours, as cops would lose out as noone really works an 8 hour day in the policing world!!
  8. Annual leave entitlement

    Some forces still do Annual Leave entitlement in days, in which case entitlement is as follows: (the number of hours conversion is provided in brackets (based on 8 hour days)) Less than 2 years’ relevant service 22 days A/L (176 hours) 2 or more years’ relevant service 25 days A/L (200 hours) 5 or more years’ relevant service 25 days A/L (200 hours) 10 or more years’ relevant service 27 days A/L (216 hours) 15 or more years’ relevant service 28 days A/L (224 hours) 20 or more years’ relevant service 30 days A/L (240 hours) Hope this helps!
  9. Tulliallan/Jackton

    Jackton (Force Training Centre) will give you an induction prior to Tulli. This is a week course where they will test your fitness etc, tell you what to expect at Tulli, and you'll get talks from folks like the Federation, Professional Standards etc. You also get sworn-in on your first week. Jackton is non-residential, and usually a 9-5 type course. Although if you're coming from further-afield there are living facilities there which can be booked in advance (free). Tulli, as Jazzer said is a residential Course, with classes starting usually the back of 8 in the morning, and finishing about 5ish (earlier on Fridays). The food is 'not-the-best' to say the least, but they do pretty well on the budget they have! (I'd recommend taking your own). The bedrooms do vary greatly! Tantallon (the newer building) is the best accommodation, with proper showers, TVs (in most), and are big spacious rooms. You will probably have to share with another person, depending how busy the rest of the College is! The other accommodation (Craigievar, Glamis etc) is a bit more basic (Bunk beds in Glamis for example), but on your first stage you'll find that you won't spend all that much time in your room anyway. Classrooms/Library are available for studying at night, and there is a computer room with Internet Access available too. Copper Lounge (Pub) is open for a couple of hours each night, and the Lecture Theatre is available at nights to watch TV (footy games etc). You can leave the College premises at night, but you must be back prior to 2230 (when they lock the gates). You have to be in your own room by midnight, and there is a patrol of the College to ensure this happens. Although if there's still a few of you up chatting they generally dont bother as long as you're quiet. Just do as you're told, and remember to play the game when you're up there. As long as your uniform is pressed, your shoes are bulled and you pay attention in class and contribute where necessary you won't go far wrong! Hope that helps!
  10. New SET

    The SETs are produced by ACPOS, and as far as i'm aware there is work currently ongoing in the form of a One Year Pilot (from Oct 09) to introduce scenario-based testing, and Psychometric tests to the Police Recruitment. All will be revealed after Oct 10 no doubt.
  11. SET this Sunday!

    Good Luck for Sunday! I would always go in Smart gear, makes a better impression etc! I would imagine you'll get supplied with pen/pencil etc (cant remember that far back), but I would always have a spare with me just incase! Take your time and READ THE QUESTION!
  12. Tulliallan modules

    The last module is IITT - Investigative Interview Technique training There is no 'IT' training as such, as the majority of Scottish Forces all use different IT systems. Any IT Training would be done in-force (Jackton). Hope that helps
  13. Mechanic Apprenticeship's?

    Not that I'm aware of... Due to the budget shortfall etc Strathclyde have disbanded the Police Cadets etc for school leavers, so I would doubt it very much.
  14. People who carry out more than one transaction at Cash Machines - I can snap after about 30 seconds!!! Seriously... anyone who needs to use a cashline that much must be involved in some sort of identity fraud!