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  1. Entirely down to personal preference: I used to wear a digital watch, which was handier for noting times in a hurry in your notebook when required for a crime scene log etc & statements. However I now use an analogue witth metal bracelet fastener, and have had no issues with it! Word of advice: The cheaper the better if its for work purposes! You don't want a MoP bleeding all over your good rolex, or getting it scraped tryin to handcuff someone!!
  2. If you're meant to be working the public holiday (ie rostered on shift), you can choose whether to work it or not. if you do, you get double time. If you choose to take the day off, you get nothing (other than the holiday). You may be forced to work the day regardless, depending on the base minimum staffing-level for your team. If you've booked Annual Leave and it covers a PH, you would have the day credited to your A/L bank (or number of hours, depending how your force works). Thus ensuring you aren't using leave for a day which you are entitled to be off anyway. Is that what you meant? PH's are additional to your leave entitlement eg: 22 days + 12 PHs for example
  3. Thats why there was a huge issue with forces converting to hours, as cops would lose out as noone really works an 8 hour day in the policing world!!
  4. Some forces still do Annual Leave entitlement in days, in which case entitlement is as follows: (the number of hours conversion is provided in brackets (based on 8 hour days)) Less than 2 years’ relevant service 22 days A/L (176 hours) 2 or more years’ relevant service 25 days A/L (200 hours) 5 or more years’ relevant service 25 days A/L (200 hours) 10 or more years’ relevant service 27 days A/L (216 hours) 15 or more years’ relevant service 28 days A/L (224 hours) 20 or more years’ relevant service 30 days A/L (240 hours) Hope this helps!
  5. People who carry out more than one transaction at Cash Machines - I can snap after about 30 seconds!!! Seriously... anyone who needs to use a cashline that much must be involved in some sort of identity fraud!
  6. Yes, he was a transferee from Strathclyde. Sorry, thought I had said that! Argonath, why "mate"?
  7. I dont see how it would really be an issue as Specials only work as and when it suits them (some forces require you to work a minimum number of hours over a year as they now offer payment), but if you were considering resigning you could take pretty much as long as you wanted to think about it, then if you decided it wasn't for you, you could just resign. End of?
  8. One of my mates joined the MOD about 6months ago. He had to do about 7 weeks training down in London at their training school (they paid for him to travel (fly) home to Scotland every weekend). He is now based up at a site in Peterhead. Shifts are 12 hours (6.30 - 18.30) and obviously 18.30 - 6.30. 4 Days on and 4 off. He does an hour of patrols inside the site, then an hour outside, then has an hour off... then the cycle goes on... So basically in a 12 hour shift you have 3 or 4 hours off... They do all the firearms training etc down in London, then refreshers every so often at your base! Hope that helps. If you need anything else, give me a shout and I can get him to answer your questions.. G
  9. Are you applying to join the police? To quote the Standard Disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. UKPoliceonline disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability or availability of information or material on this site, including - but not limited to - the documents available in the 'Downloads' area which is restricted to Resident Fed's only.
  10. In Scotland we can detain people under S14 Crim Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 for up to 6 hours to allow further investigation into a crime punishable by improsonment... Essentially its like you being able to arrest on suspicion, then release. We have 6 hours to get them back to the office, go grab statements, interview etc... if there is enough evidence then we can charge and arrest, or if not, release.