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  1. I'm coming up on 3 years so hopefully things won't have changed too much
  2. Alright fellas, I'm a serving Officer in a firearms unit. Iv been contemplating a return to a uniformed response only roll (we don't carry files) as iv become pretty disillusioned with the whole firearms side of things, most jobs are miles away and usually sorted by the time we arrive, spending days away from home and numerous rest days cancelled. Most people prob think I'm mad but I would be dropping my travelling distance from 100mile return journey to 6 miles and spending more time at home again. Just looking to know if anyone has went from a specialised post back to response and how they found it? Cheers, J
  3. Cheers mate greatly appreciated, Tufty I completed the fitness and medical on the same day on 17th july and got my letter on tuesday this week.
  4. Cheers Huddro, Just one question, what is the shift rota for south eastern?. Tufty do you mean security?, Dont think I ave it yet but my references should be getting letters next week, only problem I have is my employer reference is off sick at the moment does anyone know what they do in this case? Thanks guys James
  5. Hi mate I also recieved my letter as well, got south eastern!!!. Hopefully see you in september