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  1. Unbelievable sentence, will do nothing to deter violence. Yes it was only one punch but the consequences of that were horrific, surely a 10 year to life sentence would show the gravity of taking a life??
  2. anything but work...

  3. and your body
  4. schedule
  5. Stick with it until the dream job (or simply something better) comes up, always remember plenty of people would love to be in your job!!
  6. We'll never live down being Barrier Technicians!! Still, can't really discuss the job on an open forum, my pension versus official secrets act etc...
  7. and hello anna32!
  8. alliance
  9. Life plods on in the MDP. The cuts are still cutting but there shouldn't be too many more station closures and some limited recruitment is on the horizon.
  10. Hi all Im an MDP officer (cue moans and groans)! Certainly looks an interesting set of forums.