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  1. DV query.

    Would just mean you wouldn't be sent to a station that requires DV or higher.
  2. Armed Infrastructure Police

    Every time the powers that be look at this the end result is no change but look at a strategic alliance. It wouldn't have put any more boots on the ground, given no extra surge capacity and ended up as an expensive vanity project. Add to that another TACOS I'm quite glad they've kicked the can down the road again.
  3. Armed Infrastructure Police

    I dare not speculate as to your factual knowledge.....
  4. Armed Infrastructure Police

    Good solid fact...
  5. Armed Infrastructure Police

    So your speculating and telling people no point speculating! Spectacular!
  6. Positivity 😁

    Taken to task?? Slap on the wrist for anyone above Sgt more like.
  7. Positivity 😁

    Just CNI, hopefully to avoid going onto 8 hour shifts.
  8. Positivity 😁

    Get used to lack of info at AWE. CNI info confirmed in the week, Centralised rostering from a member on that change team. However there's no team set up yet to implement it so inevitable c*ck up awaiting....
  9. Positivity 😁

    CNI all going to 5's and 4's in May (Burghfield shift pattern) and whole force going to centralised rostering by June. So long as we don't go to 8 hour shifts then positivity can remain!
  10. Living and Commute

    Half the force would be sacked if they enforced the 50 mile rule!
  11. Mdp Negativity

    If you want to do a traditional policing role then the MDP is not for you. If you're flexible, adaptable and not geographically tied to a location (or have one of our stations on your doorstep) then it's a cracking job.
  12. Bacton

    Bacton is great, for a PC one of the best stations in the Force.
  13. Alpha or Partnership pension?

    About £11k a year, lump sum can be taken but will reduce your £11k.
  14. TACOS

    Forget CTRP, its gone come April. New payscales incorporating 7 increments already in place for new starters. Although I'd get a straight answer out of recruitment as to whether the 7th increment is guaranteed to all officers as it only applies to officers in a specialisation. MDP AFO is not a specialisation.
  15. TACOS

    Your first three increments are not affected by the freeze, if you joined today then the feeeze wouldn't affect you. Current pay scales apply, from April 1% pay rise and at some point next year the net pay deduction stopped (approx 3.5% pay rise)